Demand for gas cylinders down by 30% — Fuel Syndicate

7. Gas Cylinders
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AMMAN — Head of the Fuel Syndicate Nahar Al-Seidat said that Jordan has witnessed a 30 percent decline in demand for gas cylinders during the past two weeks as temperatures have risen across the Kingdom, according to Khaberni.

اضافة اعلان


Demand has fallen to 120,000 cylinders for the two-week period, while the same period last year witnessed a demand for 150,000 cylinders.


Meanwhile, the demand for kerosene remained low, while the demand for diesel also dropped by 30 percent, Seidat added.


Demand for gas cylinders is expected to rise over the next few days as a weather depression hits the Kingdom, especially given the high costs of kerosene, diesel, and electricity for heating homes, the syndicate head noted.


Seidat also predicted that fuel prices will drop near the end of the month based on the syndicate’s monitoring of global fuel prices.


Every year, Jordan consumes nearly 4 billion liters of various types of fuel, he said.


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