Activists urge park boycott, say it is an Israeli trap

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Jordan Eco Park (Photo: Instagram)
AMMAN — Jordanian activists called for the boycott of the “Jordan Eco Park” on grounds its encouraged environmental cooperation between Jordanian, Palestinian, and Israeli youth, AmmanNet reported.اضافة اعلان

The joint call by Jordanian parties, environmental and youth movements, trade union committees, local initiatives, cultural and women’s associations, student blocs at Jordanian universities, and civil society institutions came in a press conference.

The gathering said its “Jordan Eco Park” boycott appeal is meant as a call to “return Jordan Eco Park to our national domain”.

In the news conference, in which representatives of five Jordanian political parties spoke as well as the “Jordan Junction” movement, a statement was issued, calling for boycotting Jordan Eco Park, previously known as Sharhabil bin Hassneh Ecological Park.

According to the findings of more than 45 national monitoring bodies, the park’s sponsors seek to integrate Jordanian and Palestinian youth into joint environmental programs and workshops, along with “Zionist” groups, a reference to Israel.

Currently, the park is run by an organization registered in Jordan as a local institution under the name “Society for the Protection of the Earth and the Environment”, which is previously known as Earth’s Friends.

Speakers claimed that it is the same “Zionist association” of “EcoPeace Middle East”, who website shows that it has offices in Amman, as well as the West Bank city of Ramallah, and Israel.

“EcoPease Middle East allows the Zionist entity to be a partner in water diplomacy, ignoring its continued theft of natural resources in Palestine, Jordan, and the Arab region,” the statement said.

It stressed that supporting this project is an extension of the peace-building measures, this one through environmental cooperation between Jordan, the Palestinian Authority, and the “Zionist” occupation.

“It serves the colonial Zionist expansionist project, and acknowledges them (Israelis) as a legitimate body,” it said.

“It also legitimizes their (Israelis’) presence before the world, obliterating their criminal truth, and portraying them as a civilized and environmentally conscious neighbors, while they continue to oppress our Palestinian people, occupy our Arab lands, and steal and control our natural resources,” it added.

The participants insisted that such programs “did not, and will not” protect the environment in Jordan, but will trap Jordanian and Arab youth into normalizing ties with the “occupying” entity, and use them as tools to “enforce the agenda it (Israel) seeks against our country”.

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