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Daylight saving time to be followed throughout the year

daylight savings
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AMMAN — The Cabinet, headed by Deputy Prime Minister Tawfiq Krishan, on Wednesday issued a decision to follow the daylight saving time throughout the year, according to Al-Mamlaka TV.اضافة اعلان

The decision was taken following an extensive study conducted by the government to determine its feasibility. The study showed that keeping the daylight saving time enables people to take advantage for the longest time possible of the daylight hours.

At the same time, it will limit working during the evening hours, especially for evening shift students, university students, and employees in the public and private sectors who are required to work until the evening.

Around the world, about 60 percent of countries do not change their times during the year, while 40 percent adopt the daylight saving time and the standard time (summer and winter).

Working based on one time system maintains the stability of the country’s time in relation to GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), which stabilizes the communication around the world.

The government instructed university administrations to set the study hours for their students as they see appropriate, according to Khaberni.

The Cabinet directed the Ministry of Education and Scientific Research to adjust its working hours according to the sunrise, and to ensure that students go out to schools and universities at appropriate times.

Minister of Education Wajeeh Owais set school times at 8:15 am, with the first class starting at 8:30 am; all schools will open their doors to students at 7:45 am, to allow working parents to drive their children to schools and make it in time to public institutions, which start work at 8:30am.

The 882 schools that work in two shifts will end study hours before sunset.

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