Cow breeders call for gov’t intervention to save sector

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AMMAN — President of the Cooperative Society for Cattle Owners and Milk Producers Laith Al-Hajj said Saturday that feed prices have skyrocketed in the last three months, calling for the government’s intervention to save the sector, reported Al–Mamlaka TV. اضافة اعلان

During a press meeting held by the society Saturday to explain the repercussions of rising fodder prices globally and locally, Hajj said that “without everyone joining forces and without government intervention, the sector will be gone with the wind in a matter of few months”.

During the meeting, he explained the reasons for raising the price of fresh milk as a result of this to halt the “significant losses” suffered by the sector’s businesses.

The cow breeders’ associations have previously set the price of one kilogram of fresh milk on all factories, dairy producers, cheeses and farms at 550 fils per kilogram, up from 480 fils per kilogram, due to the “unprecedented” rise in production inputs.

Hajj explained that corn and soy prices have risen significantly and constitute a major component of fodder, adding that the price of a ton of corn was JD170, and now stands at JD355, while the price of a ton of soy used to be JD295, and currently stands at JD580. He pointed out that 95 percent of the feed in Jordan is imported, and the rest is locally produced.

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