EU poll finds 48% of Jordanians dissatisfied with their lives

(File photo: Amer Khalifeh/ Jordan News)
AMMAN — An opinion poll carried out by the European neighborhood program, the results of which were carried by Ammon News, found that almost half of Jordanians, 48 percent, are dissatisfied with their lives, and 46 percent are satisfied.اضافة اعلان

The poll, carried out during November and December last year, suggested that 70 percent of Jordanians view the country’s relations with the EU as “good”, up by 22 points compared to 2020 results, while the negative perception decreased by 11 percent.

According the poll results, around 80 percent of Jordanians believe that Jordan-EU cooperation is largely channeled towards supporting refugees and persons with disabilities; followed by support to the health sector, at 62 percent; social programs, 47 percent; and civil society, 34 percent.

About 57 percent of Jordanians believe that the EU’s support to Jordan during the COVID-19 pandemic was effective. Additionally, they said that primary area of Jordan-EU linkage is economic prosperity, at 72 percent; followed by democracy, 67 percent; freedom of expression, 66 percent; peace and security, 64 percent; and gender equality, 63 percent.

The poll also showed that 62 percent of Jordanians believe that Jordan benefits most from the EU in the health sector; humanitarian aid at 53 percent; and education at 30 percent.

About 40 percent of Jordanians view the US as the closest partner to Jordan, and that Jordanian-US relations are the strongest specifically in the Mashriq region, whereas Israeli-US relations are the strongest in the region.

According to the poll, Jordanians want the EU to assume a bigger role in digital transformation and humanitarian aid.

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