Campaign sheds light on issues elderly face

(Photo: Pixabay)

AMMAN — The National Council for Family Affairs, in cooperation with the UN Population Fund UN launched a campaign aimed at shedding light on the issues of the elderly, according to Hala News.اضافة اعلان

The campaign came in implementation of the outcomes of the study assessing the reality of care homes for the elderly in Jordan, implemented by the council with the fund in 2021.

According to an analytical study, the 588,100 elderly people in Jordan made up 5.5 percent of the population by the end of 2020. Of these, 355 reside in care homes: 172 men and 183 women.

Secretary-General of the national council for family affairs Mohammed Miqdadi said that the launch of the campaign is part of an attempt at understanding the situation of elderly at national level, adding that it is the council’s responsibility to carry out its mission, improve the status of Jordanian families, and care for all its members, noting that caring for the elderly is of paramount importance, and a religious, national and moral duty.

The latest study on the elderly, conducted by the council in 2021 to “assess the reality of nursing homes in Jordan”, showed the problems of some of these homes, resulting from underfunding and the unavailability of trained human resources to provide services to older persons, as well as the need for workers in these homes to attend training courses in order to upgrade their capacities and better qualify them.

The 2019 World Population Outlook Report indicated that by 2050, 16 percent of the world’s population will be older than 65.

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