Azerbaijani Embassy in Amman Commemorates Heydar Aliyev's Birth Anniversary

Azerbaijani Embassy in Amman Commemorates Heydar Aliyev's Birth Anniversary
Amman  - The Azerbaijani Embassy in Amman marked the birth anniversary of the late national leader of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Heydar Aliyev.

In a press statement Tuesday, the embassy highlighted that Heydar Alireza Oghlu Aliyev was born on May 10, 1923, into a working family in the ancient city of Nakhchivan in Azerbaijan. Nakhchivan is renowned for producing Azerbaijani writers, thinkers, and architects who enriched Azerbaijani history with their contributions.

He joined the Azerbaijan Industry Institute to pursue architecture, however, he faced interruption due to World War II. He later graduated from the history faculty at Azerbaijan State University, and obtained specialized training in the Azerbaijani State Security Service.

The embassy underscored Aliyev's multifaceted achievements and his vision for enhancing relations with Arab and Islamic countries. His approach emphasized the expansion of political, economic, and cultural ties between Azerbaijan and Islamic nations, advocating for deeper relations and unity among Islamic peoples.

Aliyev often portrayed Azerbaijan as a vital link between Europe and Asia, envisioning a development structure that bridges Western and Eastern civilizations.

The embassy commemorated Aliyev as a historic leader who personified the hopes and aspirations of the Azerbaijani people, guiding the nation through over three decades of progress and construction, ultimately ensuring Azerbaijan's prosperity and security.

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