Attacks on delivery workers push some away from this type of work

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AMMAN — Yazan Abu Awwad, 29, was an engineer who worked for an IT company in the morning and for Careem Box at night. On October 5, last year, he was seriously assaulted by a group of young men in Marj Al-Hamam area.اضافة اعلان

Abu Awwad was delivering an order in the middle of the night. A group of young people sitting in front of the building asked him what he wanted and why he was there. Then they followed Abu Awwad in the building, assaulted him with a knife, cut the tendons in three of his left hand and fled.

He needed to be operated on. A first operation, performed at a government hospital was unsuccessful; a second was performed at his expense and now he needs a third intervention.

According to Abu Awwad, physical therapy did not help improve his hand, so he could not drive because of limited movement.

"My life has changed; I am tired of being in debt because of the expensive medicine I need, I cannot get out in cold weather, it affects my hand badly, I am afraid of darkness," he said.

"I wish delivery companies had guarantees and could ensure the protection of delivery captains," he added.

Professor of sociology at the University of Jordan Hussein Khazaei said

the effects of such aggressive behavior has led many young employees to fear working in this field.

He said that all late-night workers need to be careful, especially when working in remote areas, and added that cases of abuse like this one make young people reluctant to engage in certain types of work, which is a pity as they have just “crossed the barrier of the culture of shame”.
People who were assaulted are psychologically affected, their lives may change and they often need time to reintegrate in the society, he said.

Director of Occupational Safety and Health Managers at the Ministry of Labor Haitham Najdawi told Jordan News that two delivery workers registered with the Social Security Corporation were assaulted, and in this situation, the Ministry of Labor and the employer are responsible for the employee.

If an employee is assaulted while he is working for a logistics support company, he is considered a “contractor", according to the Labor Law, and is not covered by the Labor and Workers Act, but by the Civil Code, said Najdawi.

PSD spokesperson Amer Al-Sartawi had said that in Abu Awwad’s case, the main culprit was arrested, confessed to have been in an altercation, and the case will be brought to justice.

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