Al-Rai board reverses decision to fire employees

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AMMAN — The board of directors of Al-Rai daily newspaper on Tuesday backtracked on its decision to dismiss six employees for demanding “our rights”.اضافة اعلان

Abdullah Al-Hadidi, member of a committee formed by the dismissed employees, told Jordan News that the board responded to their request to go back on the decision to fire the employees, that the committee asked the Jordanian Press Association (JPA) to follow up on the employees’ demands, and that the dialogue around Al-Rai journalists’ and employees’ demands will continue.

Hadidi added that the dismissal decision was arbitrary, and that “we were just asserting our rights” in making the demands, adding that it is due to the state institutions’ negotiations with the board of directors, with a view to solving the crisis, and the JPA’s standing by the dismissed journalists that led to the reversal of the decision.

JPA’s Vice-president Jamal Shteiwi told Jordan News that the association insisted on having the journalists return to their work and on cancelling the decision to dismiss them or of taking any legal action against them.

Shteiwi added that the JPA had asked for the holding an open meeting at the newspaper to deal with the crisis, stressing that people’s livelihoods are a “red line and an issue that is not open for discussion”.

JPA member, Al-Rai journalist Khaled Al-Qudah said that the association contacted all concerned parties over the past two days, followed up on the administration’s decisions, which he described as “rash”, and that “this issue extends beyond the newspaper, and has political dimensions that will damage Jordan’s reputation”.

He added: “The crisis is the result of the weak and incompetent administrations that took turns at the newspaper.”

Jordan News was unsuccessful in trying to contact the minister of state for media affairs, Faisal Al-Shboul, and the board of directors of Al-Rai newspaper.

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