General Assembly List submits lineup for Jordan Press Association election

(Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — The “General Assembly List” announced on Saturday its nominations of ten candidates for the Jordanian Press Association (JPA) council elections planned for October 15, according to Al Ghad News.اضافة اعلان

The list said that this is the first-line up of candidates it presents for the JPA elections since the establishment of the association in 1953, adding that it will disclose its election program within the next two weeks.

The candidates include leading candidate Rakan Al-Saideh, Fayez Odeibat, Ohoud Mohsen, Hashal Adaileh, Enad Abo Windi, Khaled Al-Qudah, Hamza Mazhar, Sami Al-Harbi, Tayseer Al-Nuimat, and Walid Hosni.

The list said that its election program aims to meet the interests of its members by adjusting media legislation in a way which will ensure greater freedom for Jordanian journalists, rejecting preemptive detention for journalists, and enhancing job security and legal protections, in addition to tackling any potential financial irregularities in the JPA’s budget.

The list’s program also aims to improve health insurance and enhance investments and financial returns in a way which enhances the association’s service role.

The electoral program also aims to solve the crisis facing newspapers and ensure job security and quality of life for the JPA’s members. The program also aims to enhance retirees’ living conditions.

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