Al-Muasher: The failure to eliminate the resistance has been confirmed

Marwan Muasher
Former Deputy Prime Minister Marwan Al-Muasher. (Photo: Twitter/X)
AMMAN – Former Deputy Prime Minister Marwan Al-Muasher affirmed that the idea of eliminating Palestinian resistance in the Gaza Strip has proven its failure, as the military capability of the resistance remains largely intact after 47 days of war.اضافة اعلان

According to Ammon News, Muasher stated that after 15,000 deaths in Gaza, it has been proven that there is no military solution.

Regarding the two-state solution and the sustainability of its success, Muasher considered that it requires three conditions that are currently unavailable:

A genuine political will from the United States, that clearly defines the ultimate goal of ending the occupation. The formation of a new Israeli government willing to make peace and accept the end of the occupation and the holding of new Palestinian elections.

Muasher, the first Jordanian ambassador to Israel, emphasized that if these conditions are not met, it is impossible to talk about a two-state solution. He pointed out that their availability at this stage is not on the table, and therefore the two-state solution is not possible.

He stated that Palestinian elections must be held to produce new leadership, as any Palestinian authority aiming to end the occupation must obtain renewed legitimacy, which is currently not present.

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