Akeed records 30 rumors during March 2022

(Photo: Pixabay)
AMMAN - Jordan Media Credibility Monitor "Akeed" tracked a total of 30 rumors online during the current March, according to the Jordan News Agency, Petra.اضافة اعلان

The rumors report, released by Akeed on Thursday, indicated that the number of fake news went up during March 2022, with 30 rumors recorded, compared to last February, which saw 25, up by 5 false items.

Sorted out according to their content, economic rumors in March topped the list with 9 items recorded, at 30%, while those related yo public affairs ranked second with 8 rumors by 27%.

In addition, a total of 5 security and political rumors came in third place for each at 17%, whereas 2 health fake news took the fourth slot by 6%. The last went to social aspect with 1 rumor by 3%, said the report.

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