Agriculture ministry to construct 60 rainwater-harvesting pits, dams in 2023

ministry of Agriculture
(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Minister of Agriculture, Khaled Hneifat, announced on Saturday that the ministry has plans to construct 60 rainwater-harvesting pits and dams in 2023 as part of ongoing water-harvesting projects. اضافة اعلان

During his visit to water harvesting sites in Central Badia, Hneifat highlighted that the ministry successfully implemented 63 pits last year and is committed to further expanding the construction of water-harvesting wells.

He stated that more than 5,000 wells were built in 2022, with an additional 5,000 set to be launched in 2023.

Significant capacity of government projects
Hneifat emphasized that the combined efforts of the ministries of agriculture and water have resulted in an impressive capacity for rainwater harvesting projects.

The current capacity stands at 50 million cubic meters, reflecting the government's dedication to addressing water scarcity issues and ensuring sustainable water management.

In terms of water volume, Hneifat revealed that in 2022, the Kingdom's dams successfully harvested 3 million cubic meters of water.

He expressed optimism that an additional 3 million cubic meters will be obtained through the newly planned pits in 2023, contributing to the overall water supply in the country.

Sustainability and rehabilitation effortsTo uphold the Royal directives aimed at advancing Jordan's agricultural sector, Hneifat assured that water harvesting sites are being carefully monitored to ensure the long-term sustainability of water resources.

Additionally, he emphasized the ministry's commitment to rehabilitating existing dams and pits, further bolstering their functionality and contributing to improved water conservation practices.

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