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ASEZA extracts 60 tonnes of waste from Aqaba middle beach

(Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN— Around 60 tonnes of waste were extracted from the middle beach (Al-Ghandour) in Aqaba during the past two months, according to Alghad News.
اضافة اعلان
A clean-up campaign was launched by the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA), which was considered one of the biggest campaigns in the red sea.

Many divers and seamen participated in the campaign, where they transferred the waste to a landfill in accordance with the international methods and standards.

An official at the (ASEZA) pointed out that the beach has never seen the same amount of extracted waste, considering it the biggest amount collected in Aqaba bay’s history.

 Environment and Regional Affairs Commissioner Sulaiman Al-Najadat contended that the campaign was conducted in implementation of the Royal directives and after a 2-month plan by ASEZA to clean up the middle beach.

Al-Najadat indicated that the campaign aimed at maintaining marine life and abolishing the damage which was caused to it during the past two years, especially in the deep water, where the unique marine environment was impacted.

 Most collected waste included truck and car tires, plastic waste, cans, and fishing lines among other types of waste which might sabotage marine life and diversity.

  Al-Najadat added that the beach has zero-waste now, stressing that this work would not succeed without the hard work spent by the ASEZA’s divers and fishermen.

He also indicated that the campaign will continue and that more campaigns will be conducted in the southern beach on different periods in a bid to maintain environmental protection in the area.

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