12 cases of assault on doctors and nurses in 2023

Head of Nurse’s Union calls for higher penalties for assaulting healthcare professionals

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AMMANDeputy Head of the Jordan Nurses and Midwives Council (JNMC), Mohammad Al-Kharabsheh, said that in 2023, up until August, there were five cases of assaults on nurses, and four cases in all of 2022. He said that while this is a large improvement from the 80 assault cases in 2018, the end goal is to have zero annual cases, and calls for increasing the penalties for assault of a healthcare professional.اضافة اعلان

He added, "Just as penalties for traffic violations are increased, the punishment for assaulting an employee of a hospital while performing their duties should be deterred more vigilantly," Khaberni News reported.

Kharabsheh stated that the cases of assault reported since the beginning of 2023 have been communicated to the union, and appropriate actions have been taken. He emphasized that it is essential for the incident not to be recorded as a "fight" in the security report because that would undermine their legal rights.

He further clarified that the incident should be documented as an assault on an employee while performing their professional duties, noting that the law is clear on this matter, whether in the healthcare sector or any other sector.

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In the Doctors' Union, seven cases of assaults on doctors in Amman, were recorded and dealt with legally in 2023, according to Dr. Maha Fakhouri, a member of Jordan's Medical Association.

Fakhouri confirmed that a similar number of assaults occurred on doctors in other governorates since the beginning of the current year.

She pointed out that there are several reasons for this phenomenon, including the economic pressures on citizens and patients' relatives, especially since most of the assaults occur in emergency departments.

She also noted that it is not always understood that some patients in the emergency department may have untreatable illnesses and may pass away, which at times leads to anger and violence.

Fakhouri emphasized that "waiting" is a common occurrence in emergency departments, and therefore, patients' relatives should exercise patience, especially since medical procedures are predetermined in dealing with patients, including X-rays, laboratory tests, and more.

She also mentioned that the frustrations experienced by patients' relatives in emergency departments are often vented on healthcare professionals. 

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