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Wild boars roaming western regions not new phenomenon

wild boar boars pig
A wild boar in the woods. (Photo: Envato Elements)
AMMAN — Groups of wild boars have been roaming in areas of western Jordan, scaring residents, destroying trees and crops, and causing an uproar among some villagers.  اضافة اعلان

Yousef Z’ubi, a resident of Nahleh village, said that wild boars come in large groups, of up to 35, almost every night to his garden, especially in the summer and dig under his trees, exposing their roots.

It is not a new phenomenon, he said; his father and grandfather in this village have always faced this problem and dealt with it by fencing their farms.

Wild boars would not harm people unless they are surrounded or feel threatened, he said.

Director of Bani Kenanah Department of Agriculture Abdulelah Obeidat said that municipalities have the responsibility of keeping wild animals in check.

Minister of Agriculture Khaled Hanifat contacted the pertinent departments and Bani Kenanah area inhabitants to check on the situation, said Obeidat, adding that the residents and farmers of the area would meet on Wednesday to find a solution.

For Obeidat, the boars come to Bani Kenanah escaping bushfires that take place in the Yarmouk Valley.

Residents of Bani Kenanah, in northern Irbid, some 70km north of Amman, have complained through media outlets about the uncontrolled spread of boars coming from the Yarmouk Valley.

The Agricultural Risk Fund does not cover losses caused by wild animals, only disasters like flash floods, drought, frost and epidemiological diseases.

The wild boar, a native mammal, has lived in Jordan for thousands of years, environment expert Omar Abed told Jordan News on Tuesday.

It feeds on “everything”, including plants, worms, and garbage, which makes it an easy-to-survive animal and hard to control, Abed, who is also a wildlife specialist, said.

“Mammals in general increase reproduction when they are under threat of extinction, so boars can naturally increase the number of piglets to protect their species; the female can bear up to 14 during one pregnancy,” said Abed.

He also said that the species should not be annihilated “as it has a positive impact on nature and keeps the balance of the ecosystem”, adding that hogs refresh the soil when they dig down and help some endangered plants, such as some kinds of orchids, grow.

As game, the wild boar may be hunted all year around, “and this is one of the most suitable method to control its numbers”, said Abed, stressing that using traps or poison may harm other species.

The advice he gives farmers is to fence off their farms to prevent boars from entering their farms and protect their crops.

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