Cash support to drivers ‘is under study’

An undated photo of a taxi in Amman. (Photo: Ameer Khalifeh/Jordan News)
AMMAN — Vice President of the Syndicate of Owners of Taxi Offices, Internal and External Travel, and Driving Training Centers Mohammad Al-Hadid said that that the syndicate will not increase transportation fees despite the “huge and continuous” rise in fuel prices.اضافة اعلان

He told Jordan News that the syndicate “met with the Land Transport Regulatory Commission’s (LTRC) director-general to discuss the conditions of drivers under difficult circumstances and to demand monetary support for them”.

A “preliminary agreement” was reached with the LTRC to allocate cash support to drivers, he said, adding: “We demanded a daily subsidy of JD3, at a rate of JD90 per month, to be paid to the driver directly.”

The syndicate will hold a meeting at the Ministry of Transport on Tuesday, Hadid said, to agree on the value of the subsidy, stressing that “we are still totally against raising fuel prices, and we know that this amount will not improve much the situation of drivers, but this is better than nothing.”

Hadid stressed that “drivers are facing a difficult situation, made worse by the rise of oil derivative prices. It is our duty to protect them and secure financial support for them, so that they can at least provide food for their families.”

Taxi driver Abu Eyad told Jordan News that “providing cash support to drivers is a good idea if it gets really implemented.”

“Drivers have been going through difficult circumstances even before the COVID-19 pandemic, and all they get is false promises that are not really met,” he said.

Many drivers lost their jobs, he said, and “found that staying at home without work ... is better than working as drivers. They spent days without earning a single penny, and their tiny income went to paying gasoline and repairing broken down cars.”

According to LTRC Director-General Tarek Habashneh, the proposal to grant some monetary support to drivers “is now under study”.

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