What lies ahead for medicine in Jordan?

Leadership conference addresses tech, war, and healthcare

(Photo: Dana Al-Zyadat, Jordan News)
AMMAN – Under the patronage of HRH Princess Muna Al Hussein, a two-day conference titled Jordan Medical Leadership in Peace and War took center stage in the Kingdom on Thursday and Friday to shed light on the Kingdom’s medical achievements. اضافة اعلان

Deputizing for HRH Princess Muna, Dr. Yassin Al-Husban, stated, "The conference is being held under sensitive circumstances, amidst Israel's war on Gaza in its worst form, with most healthcare facilities in the sector out of service amidst unprecedented silence. Jordan has always been a model of moderation and balance; its compass will never lean towards partiality but remain committed to its moderation and balance." Dr. Ziad Al-Zoubi, President of the Jordan Medical Association, noted, "Continuous mass killings over four months have destroyed all aspects of life and besieged the sector, preventing the entry of aid.

He also emphasized the steadfast role of doctors and healthcare workers in Gaza, describing them as courageous individuals working under the toughest conditions.

Meanwhile, the conference featured panel discussions, workshops on medical specialties, pharmaceuticals, and medical equipment, and discussions on medical tourism between reality and aspirations. It also focused on the future of medical education in Jordan and the role of media in medical achievements.

On the first day, lectures covered disaster and war medicine, addressing how to deal with injuries, including psychological effects, and ways to improve safety for healthcare workers during disasters and wars. The conference also featured Jordan's achievements in diagnosing and treating diseases, alongside a training session on digital technology titled "The Influential Doctor" to foster harmony between medicine and media in the digital age.

Dr. Azem Al-Qadumi, the President of the Dentist Association, described the conference as the first of its kind in terms of diverse topics and presentations, "We have made tremendous efforts to promote Jordan in the field of medical tourism, striving hard to restore medical tourism to its previous stage of progress and prosperity."

Qadumi added, "In the 1980s, Jordan was a leader and competitor in medical tourism, with progress built on the reputation of Jordanian doctors and hospitals. Today, the challenge lies in the need for joint efforts to develop real strategies."

Dr. Raed Al-Shboul, Secretary-General of the Ministry of Health, highlighted, "Medical tourism receives significant royal attention. We have 36,000 doctors, including 8,000 in the private sector, and 121 hospitals, including 71 private hospitals and 31 government hospitals. This number can be maximally utilized to support the country's economy." He also emphasized the stability of Jordan's economy and political situation, along with its excellent medical reputation, ease of access to information, and the availability of qualified medical staff.

Furthermore, Dr. Abdelrazzaq Arabiyat, Director of the Tourism Board, emphasized “The coordination between relevant official bodies in promoting medical tourism. He expressed the Authority's pleasure in marketing Jordan among other nationalities to open up new markets, such as Kenya and Rwanda, within a month or two. This marketing effort aims to ensure that patients are aware of the advantages of the Jordanian market.”

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