Water complaints highest in 2022 — Ministry

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AMMAN — According to government data, the Ministry of Water and Irrigation has received the highest number of complaints, 3,016, since the beginning of 2022, a local media outlet reported.اضافة اعلان

Ministry of Water and Irrigation spokesman Omar Salameh told Jordan News that “this summer has been the most challenging to the water sector, in light of the water situation in the country, and the increased demand on water, due to the population increase.”

He pointed out that “the number of complaints received by the ministry is considered normal compared to those received in previous years,” adding that “the ministry is working to provide solutions, by digging new wells, working to better harvest rain water, and speeding up the implementation of the National Water Carrier Project.”

Muna Hindiyeh, associate professor in civil and environmental engineering at German Jordanian University, and a water expert, told Jordan News that “most of these complaints go unanswered, especially in Irbid, Ajloun, and Amman, as the government is underfunding the water sector.”

According to Hindiyeh, key problems which led to the loss of billions of liters of water, which would cover the needs of 2.6 million people include “limited staff capacity and expertise, high numbers of refugees, and old infrastructure”.

Hindiyeh said that “ensuring access to safe drinking water and sanitation for all is a legal obligation,” pointing out that the UN General Assembly, in July 2010, “explicitly recognized the human right to water and sanitation and acknowledged that clean drinking water and sanitation are essential to the realization of all human rights”.

She said that “Article 5 (l) of the Protocol on Water and Health highlights that equitable access to water, adequate in terms of both quantity and of quality, should be provided for all.”

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