Nottingham Trent convenes workshop on climate change

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Drought hits many parts of the globe as a result of climate change. (Photo: Envato Elements)
AMMAN — Sustainable development policies and the impact of climate change on the Kingdom’s existing environmental problems were the focus of a two-day workshop organized by Nottingham Trent University.اضافة اعلان

Environmental activists, officials from the Ministry of Environment, NGOs involved in climate issues, UN and several scientific and academic personalities participated in the event, which concluded on Monday.

Marianna Poberezhskaya, an associate professor in politics and international relations at the Nottingham Trent University, said the workshop was an opportunity to bring great minds together to discuss climate change.

“The main objective is to bring different stakeholders and try to allow them the time and space to talk about the important issues in terms of climate change mitigation and adaptation in Jordan” she told Jordan News.

Imad El-Anis, another associate professor of International Relations at Nottingham, also said that one of the main goals of the workshop is to “facilitate communication” between different stakeholders, and “finding the gaps in coordination, as well as how aware are they of the resources available to different parties”.

One of challenges that face Jordan in terms of climate change mitigation and adaptation is the insufficient participation by the private sector, youth and the engagement of various governorates to maximize the impact of climate action nationwide.

“There is a need to enhance coordination among the different organizations,” said Bilal Al-Shaqareen, the acting director of Climate Change at the Ministry of Environment.

A suggestion made during the discussion was to have a national climate change center to probe the various changes and oversee coordination among all sides involved. Participants argued that the significance of the topic of climate change requires more than an office at the ministry, but a national center with adequate resources and functions.

Engineer Hala Al-Hamawi, accreditation and compliance Specialist at Global Green Growth Institute, admitted that climate change constitutes a “constraint to development”.

But she pointed out that a “strong climate agreement will help us to achieve sustainable development and economic growth by encouraging the country to transition to more resource and energy efficient technologies.”

She explained the transition will “improve people’s livelihood and enhance natural capital resources.”

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