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Ministry of Energy to prepare roadmap to convert green hydrogen into fuel

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AMMAN — Director of Planning and Institutional Development at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Shorouk Abdel Ghani said that the ministry is in the process of preparing a study and a roadmap, together with German and Dutch partners, for a project to convert green hydrogen into fuel.اضافة اعلان

Abdel Ghani told Jordan News that Jordan is a pioneer that keeps pace with the developments that are taking place in the world, “and we are now moving toward converting green hydrogen into fuel in order to diversify energy sources and maintain the security of our energy supply”.

She added that Jordan has great potential to produce “green” hydrogen, which is produced by splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen using renewable electricity, but “we need to study the economic feasibility and the possibility of establishing renewable energy projects in order to ensure the success of this project before starting it”.

This project may need several years, she said, “especially since it is a new project and so far there are no tangible results and no reference points that can be used”.

She stressed the importance of moving toward this option in order to reduce emissions and use clean energy permanently, noting at the same time that if this project is implemented, it will not be a substitute for traditional fuels, but rather a new type of energy that will help diversify the sources.

Energy expert Amer Shoubaki told Jordan News that “the implementation of this project requires huge technology and large quantities of renewable energy, and will necessitate the establishment of mega-projects”.

He added that the “cost of implementing this project is very high, and may constitute a major obstacle to its implementation”.

If it is worked on correctly, he said, it is a useful and economically profitable mechanism.

“Many developed countries, including Germany and the UAE, have started implementing it and the world is counting on this mechanism in order to use renewable energy instead of traditional fuel,” he added.

Hashem Aqel, another energy expert, told Jordan News that “the strategy that the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources has begun preparing will enable Jordan technically and legislatively to develop and produce green hydrogen from solar and wind energy”.

He added: “We, in Jordan, have abundant resources of renewable energy due to our location on the solar belt, the high number of sunny days, the availability of sufficient wind speed to produce electricity in many locations, large areas of land that can be exploited, and great expertise and competencies that enable us to increase our dependence on renewable energy sources.”

He also said that “Jordan has signed an agreement with Fortescue Company to study the development of hydrogen production through renewable energy projects as a first step for hydrogen production, which is a good opportunity for Jordan to produce and export green energy”.

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