Jordan gets its 1st fully-electric yellow taxi

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The new full-electric yellow taxi. (Photos: Syndicate of Owners of Taxi Offices)
AMMAN — The Syndicate of Owners of Taxi Offices, Internal and External Travel, and Driving Training Centers announced on Tuesday the launch of the first full-electric yellow taxi in Jordan.اضافة اعلان

Syndicate Vice President Mohammad Al-Hadid told Jordan News “the car can drive for 450km in one electric charge, while it requires two hours for fast charging, and six to seven hours for normal charging.”

“Only those who already own public transportation cars can substitute them with full-electric ones,” Hadid noted.

He said the syndicate is planning to arrange meetings with the free zone group to purchase full-electric cars, which are not available in the Jordanian market.

He said that “the price of a full-electric car will be a little more expensive than gasoline cars, with approximately JD5,000–JD6,000 extra difference in price.”

Licensing fees will not change for full electric cars, and will remain similar to gasoline public transport vehicles, Hadid contended.

The Kia3 model full-electric taxi is currently in the free zone for sale, whereas Al-Nashama Taxi office, represented by its owner, Mohammad Ghunaim, imported the car.

Ghunaim told Jordan News that he decided to import the car, when the fuel prices were hiked, and the “taxi drivers could not afford them.”

“More full-electric cars are on the way to Jordan”, he noted, explaining that “they are eco-friendly and save costs.”

Taxi driver Emad Abu Zaed told Jordan News that he “saw the car in reality, and I am encouraged to buy one soon”.

He pointed out that “the new car needs only around JD2 of electricity, compared to JD25–30 octane for gasoline-operating cars, which saves me a large sum of money.”

He added that he does not mind spending JD1,000 on fixing the car annually, if it needs so “because it would still be better than filling it with JD700 octane on a monthly basis”.

He explained that “you cannot be sure about the quality of the car unless you try it for at least five years, but that does not stand in my way, or make me hesitate about buying it.”

“I might even buy the one that was launched today,” he added, pointing out that it is “relatively-spacious for people, and even luggage.”

Despite the high specifications, “some drivers are still doubtful about the full electric cars for public transportation use,” Abu Zaed added. 

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