Government raises prices of driving lessons

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AMMAN — The government raised the price of driving lessons by JD1 to JD 8.5, and a fee for booking a spot in the examination yard by 500 fils to JD5 as of Monday.اضافة اعلان

The decision came during a meeting that brought together Interior Minister Mazen Al-Faraya with the head of the Association of General Driving Trainers Centers, Ibrahim Al-Abdallat.

In view of the meeting, a sit in, which was planned by driving instructors to demand the increases, on Monday had been canceled.

It was also agreed that a committee would be formed soon to follow up on all the requests, following a series of sit-ins and meetings by driving instructors demanding a raise in price of driving lessons. The drivers say the raise will help them offset possible losses resulting from an increase in the price of oil derivatives.

Eyad Al-Haroun, owner of a driving instructions’ center, who has been working in the field for 27 years, told Jordan News that the last years in this profession “were the most difficult, since the profits are no longer satisfactory”.

He explained “raising the training prices was necessary, especially in view of a rise in gasoline prices, which worsen the economic conditions of the trainer.”

He said “the step was supposed to be taken three months ago, as the pricing committee, which was formed for this purpose, had agreed on raising the prices, based on a meeting held with the association.”

Ayman Laham, another driving center owner, told Jordan News that the new price “is insufficient due to the fact that drivers incur a lot of costs including gasoline and maintenance”.

“Some workers fear that when the prices of driving lessons increase, citizens will be less likely to receive lessons,” he said. “These fears are illogical because there is no alternative to these lessons and they are essential for everyone.”

The head of the Association of General Driving Trainers Centers, Ibrahim Al-Abdallat, told Jordan News that the new pricing “does not constitute an additional burden on people, given that the price hike included everything”.

Abdallat confirmed that “this rise is insufficient and does not meet the obligations imposed on the drivers, and it should have been raised to JD10, especially since the prices of gasoline and auto parts have risen significantly.” 

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