Experts share successful, unsuccessful HR practices at regional forum

(Photo: Menaitech Facebook)
AMMAN — An Human Resources (HR) management regional event organized by HR solutions company Menaitech was held in Amman on Thursday, with the participation of 200 executives and organizational development and HR professionals. اضافة اعلان

The event aimed to provide networking opportunities and allow professionals to hear from expert panelists.

Event speakers included HR officers and directors from Jordan, Egypt, and Kuwait, who spoke about the best practices in HR, the latest trends, and future outlooks

“Those who put people as their top priority and are following best HR practices to keep employees are successful HR managers,” said Randa Abu-Ghoush, who works as a senior talent management associate at Teeba Investment for Developed Food Processing.

On the other hand, “there are a lot of pillars to identify an unsuccessful HR management team, including an HR team’s unwillingness to work as business partners, and the lack of a clear plan for each employee in the company,” she said.

Abu Ghoush mentioned the importance of evaluating comments employees make during exit interviews, which are interviews held at the end of an individual’s employment that aim to gather useful feedback to help guide future practices and improve recruitment and retention. 

“An unsuccessful HR manager works numbers without drawing up results, and they just conduct exit interviews without putting in any work on the interview results,” she told Jordan News. This affects the retention of remaining employees, where a lack of applying such insights often leads to further resignations.

Reem Abu Okab, human resources deputy director at Gulf Insurance Group, mentioned some key performance indicators that an HR team must take into consideration, including hiring diversity, reviewing salaries, work-health indices, and mental health — especially following the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The environment and the culture of a company very much affect candidate employees’ opinions of the company and whether it is suitable for them or not,” she said.

Bashar Hawamdeh, CEO and founder of Menaitech, told Jordan News that “if an employee decides to leave a company to go to another one, that does not indicate the failure of the company they left, but means that this employee wants different experiences or wishes to acquire new skills.”

Hawamdeh explained that, while short stints at companies used to be a “bad sign” when HR personnel considered CVs, “the new generation is moving quickly from one place to another to build various and numerous experiences at different places, which could be a good sign.”

“In the end, change is a normal part of life,” he added.

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