Yara Hamada: A double major in basketball and medicine

Yara Hamada
(Photos: Handout from Yara Hamada)
AMMAN — As she enters her fifth and penultimate year of med school, 22-year-old basketballer Yara Hamada says she has no intention to give up her athletic career and will continue taking both challenges head on.اضافة اعلان

The national-team power forward has been playing basketball for nearly a decade. “I started playing basketball in school back when I was 13 years old. I first took part in the Ministry of Education’s tournament, before being called upon by Coach Saif Al-Bitar to attend the U-16 national team qualifiers. I have been playing ever since,” Hamada told Jordan News.

A student at Irbid’s Jordan University of Science and Technology, Hamada often has to leave her home in the north and travel south to Amman to attend training.

“It’s exhausting but also quite nice. Sometimes I have had to study on my way to, before or even after coming from matches. But I would like to make it clear that I cannot abandon my dreams of pursuing basketball and a career in medicine,” Hamada explained.

She added that the she owes her family a great debt, citing their support as the reason she has made it this far.

“Everything I have achieved I owe to my family. I really cannot do them justice.”

While the double life may put pressure on many, to Hamada, the two passions complement each other.

“We all experience mental exertion, but basketball has been an escape from the stress of academics and daily life,” Hamada said, noting that training session make her a happier person.

The aspiring physician confessed to having had doubts about whether basketball was worth the amount of effort she puts in, but later concluded that basketball “is one of the most important things” in her life besides medicine.

“Girls should put nothing between them and their dreams. Life is full of difficulties but we only get to live it once, and the things that make us happy are worth the sacrifice,” Hamada highlighted, adding that focus is key to achievement.

The Shabab Al-Fuheis player noted that she was content with her team. “… It is a competitive team, competes regionally and provides us with what we need to succeed. I do not think I need to look for a new team ahead of the new season.”

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