Shabab Al-Ordon in Pro League lead

Shabab Ordon’s formation, which faced Baqaa in the fourth round of the Jordanian Pro League
Shabab Ordon’s formation, which faced Baqaa in the fourth round of the Jordanian Pro League, May 1, 2021. (Photo: Amjad Al-Tawil/Jordan News)
AMMAN — Shabab Al-Ordon gained  an unchallenged 10-point lead in the Jordanian Pro League’s fourth round following their (1-0) win against Al-Baqaa.اضافة اعلان

Al-Salt is currently runner up (8pts.) after the team’s (0-0) tie with Al-Ramtha, which occupies sixth place (5pts.)

Al-Faisaly climbed to third place and pushed their score to (7pts.) after a (3-1) win against Maan, which dropped to seventh place with a score of (4pts.)

Al-Hussein (Irbid) leaped to fourth place (6pts.) after defeating Shbab Al-Aqaba (2-0) while Al-Jazeera lagged behind in fifth place (5pts.) following a (2-2) tie with Sahab.

Al-Wehdat — the current title holders — made their first Pro League appearance with a (3-0) win against Jaleel..

“Shabab Ordon have made it clear they intend to contest the title, so have Wehdat and Faisaly. But it is too early to be discussing a winner; as there are teams, most notably, Jazeera, Ramtha who have what it takes to vie for the title,” football analyst Mohannad Al-Hjouj told Jordan News.

Hjouj added: It seems that Baqaa  has  so far been assume the role of the victim after sustaining three losses...”

Some 14 goals were scored in the fourth round over the course of six games, for an average of 2..23 goals per match. This pushed the total of goals scored so far in the competition to 43 across a total of 21 matches — for an average of 2.04 goals per game.

Sahab’s forward, Yazan Al-Neuimat is still the current Pro League’s top scorer with four goals under his belt.

Shabab Al-Ordon has won the most matches in the tournament (3 games).

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