Clubs to receive dues, prizes this week — JBF

Jordan Television to pay association for broadcasting rights today

JBF President Mohamed Alyyan. (Photo: Jordan Olympic Committee)
AMMAN — The Jordan Basketball Federation is on Tuesday scheduled to receive the fees for the 2020 Kumho Jordan Basketball Cup and Premier League broadcasting rights, which were sold to Jordan Television for JD130,000. اضافة اعلان

The sum will go towards paying the final installment of clubs’ dues and prizes within the next two days.

“Today we will receive our dues from Jordan Television’s broadcasting revenues (going back to) the previous season and amounting to JD130,000, so that we can pay the dues of clubs before the end of this week,”  President of the Jordan Basketball Federation (JBF) Mohamed Alayyan, told Jordan News.

Alayyan added: “We are keen on paying the entitlements of all clubs, within existing capabilities, so that they may in turn pay their players’ salaries and fulfill their (other) obligations,” noting that the 2021 season agenda is ready and will be announced within the next few days.

The complete sum will go to clubs. The JBF will equally divide JD60,000 among Al-Ahli, Al-Wehdat, Kafr Yuba, Al-Jubaiha, Al-Jalil and Orthodox Club. These payments comprise the final installment of the total JBF financial support payments, racking up to JD40,000 per club.

In addition to the final JD10,000 installment, Al-Ahli` is set to receive JD3,500 for winning the 2020/2021 Kumho Cup as well as a JD50,000 prize for winning the Kumho Premier League. The two prizes push Al-Ahli’s total to JD63,500.

As the runner-up for both the Kumho cup and league; Al-Wehdat will receive JD1,500 and JD15,000 for each one, respectively.

Coupled with the JD10,000 installment, Al-Wehdat’s total stands at JD26,500.

The remaining JD40,000 will be distributed equally between Kafr Yuba, Al-Jubaiha, Al-Jalil and Orthodox Club.