Youth teams prepare for skills challenge next week

An undated photo of the Prince Hamza Hall , where the Skills Challenge qualifications will be held on April 25. (Photo: JBF)
An undated photo of the Prince Hamza Hall , where the Skills Challenge qualifications will be held on April 25. (Photo: JBF)
AMMAN — The national U15 men and women’s  teams are resuming their preparations for the Basketball Skills Challenge scheduled for April 25.

A number of 16 players will represent Jordan based on their figures and stats from the latest age-group league and their ability to surpass local qualification assessments held last week. 

Team manager, Mohammad Hamdan has selected eight players for the U15 male team, which are: Michelle Naffa, Lutfi Khader, Hamza Baraghith, Omar Salman, Basel Khawaldeh, Rawhi Kilani, Zaid Fannous and Mohammad Hamdan.

Hamdan selected Christina Wahab, Tia Al-Bouri, Salma Azzam, Kinda Al-Sheikh Yassine, Natalie Nasraween, Zaina Al-Qaraeen, Siwar Zabaneh and Maya Meri for the female youth team.

Only five male and five female players out of the chosen 16 can participate in the challenge, which will be held under the joint umbrella of FBA and FBA Asia. 

Contestants will be required to showcase a series of skills before FIBA accredited referee, Fadi Al-Sabah, who will calculate their respective points. 

Female and male players from Jordan, Palestine, Australia will be competing, ahead of the international championship in October. 

Matches will only be played on one half of the court, where players will be asked to dribble from under the basket before then having three attempts to successfully pass between two wooden poles, Tournament organizer and program coordinator at the Jordan Basketball Federation (JBF), Moumen Abbadi, told Jordan News, explaining the assessment mechanism.

“The player must then perform a lay up followed by maneuvering the ball between cones and score two three pointers from the three-point  line, in one attempt,” Abbadi added. 

Elaborating on how points are calculated, Abbadi said: “(We) take the number of second it takes the team to complete the challenges then that is subtracted from the number of points.

For instance, a successful free throw counts for two points, compared to three points for a three-pointer. A successful pass between poles counts for three points  if done correctly on the first try, two on the second and one on the third.“

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