Orthodox and Fuheis face Syria’s Thawra and Beirut in Arab Basket semi-finals

Defending their title, Al-Fuhies has already beaten Dunes with a score of (73-41), while Al-Orthodox beat Nujoum Al-Fuheis (73-59). (Photo: Ahmad Al-Taweel/Jordan News)
(Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — The first of the semi-final matches of the Arab Women’s Basketball Championship will start Sunday at 5pm, with the Orthodox facing off against the Syrian team Al-Thawra in the Fuheis gymnasium, followed at 7pm with Al-Fuheis against Lebanese Beirut.اضافة اعلان

Now that the first four places are finalized, we would like to shed light on all the teams, their chances, strengths, supporting attributes and weaknesses.
We start with Qatar’s women’s national team, which finished fifth and is out of the competition. This team consists of a group of amateurs residing in Qatar.

The goal of the club is to develop and raise the level of Qatari women and Qatari sports and have shown to offer a strong core of players with a bright future if the training is intensified and there is proper use of professionals.

Their most prominent stars are Bailey Chevron and Kimia Tehrani, as well as young talents such as Alaa Suleiman, Yasmine Kishkish, and Howaida.
Hopefully we will continue to see this group continue in upcoming tournaments.

As for the semi-finalists

The first match is Thawra against the Orthodox. The brilliance of the Thawra team and their fighting spirit throughout the tournament saw them deservedly finish in first place.

Despite losing their match against Fuheis in their last game, they fought a very difficult game against the Orthodox and won in the last seconds with a crazy shot from the professional Chambert.

This match will not be easy as everyone expects. Al Orthodox club can turn the tables if their professional players bring their A game.

The two teams have speed, but the collective and the competitive edge of Thawra is stronger, especially with the level of the locals and the professional women being close. We saw them repeatedly fight back, despite being behind more than once. The toughest and best spirited team; we see their togetherness in the most difficult situations, with a coaching group that believes in its players and team.

The Orthodox team, at some stages of the game, offered good performances and a strong fighting spirit. The level of the local players is wonderful to watch as well, and in all their matches that they lost, they lost due to a lack of experience and the selfishness of the professional players, except for the match against Beirut. However, their most spirited match was against the Syrian team.

Both teams’ cards are now exposed as are the key plays.
The Orthodox relies on the strength of Maria Al-Hin, the shots of Zara and Joanna, the speed of Lana and Janset, and let us not forget the role of the professionals if they play teamwork.

As for Thawra, it has a team of starters and reserves that are close in level, its teamwork is wonderful, and its shots are deadly. They have two wonderful professionals who help the team at the required time. Stars such as Sidra, Alicia and Nora, in addition to Maria, Marie, Anna, and Jessica.

The second semi-final, Fuheis against Beirut sees the defending champion against the home team.

Fuheis, the most prepared, has not yet shown their true face and skill level, despite having distinguished professionals, but the team’s weak shooting stat and unjustified mistakes saw them suffer in some matches. However, the team led by the great Faisal Nassour and his assistant Nayef Asfour could rise up at any moment and declare superiority and win the title.

The presence of Rasha, Ruby, Abu Abed, Lilian, Sheyab and Shehatit, with the wonderful Hopkins and the giant Kay James, makes them candidates for the title.
Beirut (the titleholders) lost to Thawra because of recklessness, but won against Fuheis in the last seconds after some controversy and objection on refereeing decisions. Their loss against Thawra was an alarm bell, and their performances gradually escalated and they knew that the task was not easy and that they had to play with full strength if they wanted to reach the final.

They possess striking strength with the presence of Miramar, Laila Faris and the powerful Bacchus and the element of experience represented by Bishreen, Sandra and the two professionals Sarvi and the distinguished Monique Reed. There is also the developed Patel and the returning Joyce

As a result, we should witness a semi-final that we dream about, in which the technical teams and the most experienced will prevail. While luck, as well as the absence of injury or fatigue will play a major role in determining who will reach the final.

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