Tips to keep your car running like new during the summer heat

A technician checks a car in this undated photo. With the summer already upon us, make sure your vehicle is ready to deal with the heat that comes with it. (Photo: Handout from GM)
AMMAN — With the arrival of hot summer days, it is important that vehicle owners prepare for the rising temperatures in order to avoid any major problems and even accidents while driving.اضافة اعلان
These tips can help protect your car, extend its life, and make you safer when driving.

Avoid overheating

It’s not just the weather that gets hotter in the summer, your vehicle can, too. Apart from the temperatures, heavy driving and long trips can also lead to engine overheating. That is why your car’s engine needs to be thoroughly checked during hot summer days and before long trips.
Make sure to check engine lubricant, and if your car’s oil looks overly dark or contains a lot of dirt and impurities, change the oil and replace the oil filter. Dirty oil can reduce performance and overheat your engine, making it run less smoothly. 

Most car manufacturers recommend changing the engine oil every 10,000–15,000km, but under difficult driving conditions, it is preferable to change the oil every 5,000km. However, always check your vehicle's user manual for more information on oil change intervals.

Your engine’s coolant levels and cooling fan should also be checked, along with brake and transmission fluid.

Checking tires and batteries

As for tires, make sure to check the air pressure of all your tires before taking any trip, as properly inflated tires prevent problems with low tire pressure or blowouts and ruptures.  The correct tire pressure also helps save fuel.

Extreme heat can also sometimes drain battery power, so check and test your battery to see if you have enough capacity, and identify any potential problems or damage before your trip.

Keeping the inside of your car cool

The summer heat can lead to unpleasant surprises for passengers if the air conditioning is not working properly or is blowing hot air. Most tools to check your car’s AC are specialized and require that you visit a shop to diagnose any problems.

However, you can check the cabin air filter, which when using an air conditioner, keeps dust and other contaminants such as pollen and dirt out of your vehicle. Having a clean air filter can help improve cabin air quality and enable the cooling system to operate more efficiently.

Another tip to keep the inside of your car cool involves sunshades. If you are going to park your car outdoors, it's recommended to use high quality sunshades for your windshield. This affordable and simple tool helps protect your dashboard and steering wheel from the sun, and ensures the cabin stays cooler.

Also, make sure you have an emergency kit inside your car that includes a mobile phone charger in case of any unexpected problem.  Most new cars are equipped with a roadside assistance package, if you don't have one, make sure to get one.
IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP: Never leave or store flammable items inside the car, such as hand sanitizers, perfume, or batteries, as they can cause serious damage if left in a hot vehicle for a long time.

Protecting your car’s exterior

The summer sun’s harsh rays can damage your car’s paint. So, after washing your car, wax it to protect the exterior. This will keep your car looking new and can add an extra layer of UV protection.

Finally, it's recommended to replace old or cracked wipers before any trip, as you may need them to help you get a better view during dusty weather or to clear dirt. Because worn wipers leave streaks on the windshield; they may affect visibility.  Therefore, when taking your car to maintenance and service centers, inquire about the condition of your wipers.

Lastly, keep your car summer ready and enjoy those long summer road trips.

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