The 2021 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid: A natural winner

(Photo: Handout from Toyota)
AMMAN — As the maker of the legendary Land Cruiser, it is natural for Toyota to excel in the development and production of SUVs. With its experience and history in this field, and in the field of hybrid technology, no two opinions about how pioneering the Japanese manufacturer is in providing all of their vehicles with an impressive balance of power, performance, economy and clean energy. This is where the all-new Toyota RAV4 Hybrid comes in.اضافة اعلان

Today we talk about the combination of the two areas in which Toyota clearly excels.

The all-new 2021 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid get even better, and after 26 years since its launch and more than 10 million cars sold, it comes with a bold new design and a sophisticated hybrid system designed specifically to suit its role.  As a medium-sized family SUV, the result is immediate success and unparalleled acceptance among consumers, which quickly made it the leader of its class.

This is especially true in a market such as Jordan, which is thirsty for a car that combines the desired form and capabilities of four-wheel drive with savings in fuel consumption, as well as quality and reliability; after all, it is Toyota.

In terms of design, Toyota designers paid attention to each and every element of character for the RAV4, which is derived from the newly designed lineup of Toyota's new generation of SUV. Sharp edges and angles are the feature of choice in this new line, with aggressive front and angular lights.

It’s easy to notice that the designers made ample use of the repetition of a specific polygonal pattern throughout the body and even inside the cabin. This highlights an intense design effort that has not previously been seen in a car of this class that’s destined for the general market. This is the first positive point of the new Toyota RAV4 Hybrid.

From the inside, the same design language is in every detail, piece of equipment, and spec, with five comfortable seats and ample space. There’s space for luggage in the flat rear trunk, which is not affected by the presence of the battery. It’s possible to fold the rear seats down for more storage space.

There is a normal or panoramic glass sunroof, and the dashboard contains a central screen for driver information available with the ability to specify the information displayed. The large touch screen can control multiple applications, including the navigation system with maps of Jordan, and a powerful sound system.

The driver has a rotary switch to choose driving modes, which include ECO, Sport, and Normal, and there is, of course, an EV button for pure electric travel that ranges no more than 50km,

Extras such as parking sensors, and heated and cooled seats are available.

In terms of safety, there are 9 airbags for passenger protection, as well as ABS and EBD systems  to prevent brake locking and distribute braking power. The VSC system provides the vehicle control system and there is a cruise control system, in addition to blind spot and lane-keeping systems.

The power train consists of a 2.5 liter gasoline engine, and either one electric motor for the front-wheel drive model or two motors for the four-wheel drive model. The hybrid system as a whole generates 215 horsepower and 213Nm of torque, transmitted to the wheels via the CVT box. The four-wheel drive system is intelligently controlled and operates the front or all-wheel drive automatically.

Saving fuel with the RAV4 hybrid system is ideal, as this relatively large car consumes less than 5 liters per 100km, which is very competitive consumption, meaning that it can easily cover a distance of 1000km on a single fuel tank.

 The all-new Toyota RAV4 Hybrid 2021 is able to easily top its sales category, with prices starting from JD28,900 for the basic model, and going up to JD38,800 for the top mode with all-wheel drive and the all the options.

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