Geely Coolray: A young and fresh SUV

(Photos: Geely)
The all new Coolray from Geely is the advanced youthful choice in the crossover SUV category. It comes with many attractive features that actually surpass any expectations from a Chinese-made car. اضافة اعلان

The exterior comes with global design that blends contemporary European style with sporty touches to suit the taste of young people, through the Geely design concept called “Fast Drive Through Time”.

The front comes with the distinctive Geely signature grille that can be found on all its cars, called the Cosmos grille. It features chrome lines extending across the front to surround the LED lights with daytime running lights. The front bumper has accents made from carbon fiber, amplifying the sporty design, and incorporates fog lights.

From the sides, the Coolray boasts a strong design with a distinct line that runs from front to back in a way that gives the Coolray more of a youthful aesthetic. From the top, the C pillar stands out; a distinctive design with black cladding surrounding the windows, blending well with the black panoramic glass roof and a chrome top line extending along it. There are also touches of carbon fiber on the side mirror caps that contain a side camera. From the rear, the Coolray sports LED lights in the distinctive Geely design with diagonal lines, as well as a shiny chrome line surrounding the entire rear with the letters of the name in the middle. From the top there is the large rear spoiler that contains the brake light, and from below, a sports bumper with four exhaust holes, which completes the youthful sporty look of the Coolray.

Inside, the cabin has the design of an advanced fighter jet. The Coolray features a consistent use of leather, metal, and plastic; large sporty seats that give comfort and grip to the seated; a huge panoramic sunroof; and a center console that simulates an aircraft. The console includes driving mode control, a gear lever that resembles a pilot’s push thrust lever. The 10.7-inch central touch screen contains many applications, including one that connects Android phones and allows displaying the phone app on the screen. Another 7-inch digital driver information screen displays a lot of information and can be controlled via buttons on the steering wheel, which is characterized by its Sporty D shape.

The engine comes with a three-cylinder 1.5-liter capacity with a turbocharger, it generates 177hp and 255Nm of torque, which is transmitted to the front wheels via a 7-speed DCT gearbox. Coolray accelerates gracefully from zero to 100km/h in about 7 seconds, while the top speed is 195km/h. The Coolray engine is distinguished by its remarkable economy, as it travels 17.8km per liter. In other words, it travels between 300km and 340km on 20 liters, depending on driving circumstances.

The safety equipment includes six airbags and many electronic systems, including automatic braking systems, and blind spot monitoring through the side cameras. The Coolray also comes with a surround view system with four cameras covering 360° around the car that give unmatched levels of attention  For the driver during start-up and movement.

The new 2022 Geely Coolray, which has just arrived in Jordan, offers many advantages, including an extended warranty for 6 years or 200,000km, and a two-year maintenance contract that includes all parts and wages, and with free roadside assistance.

The all-new Coolray is a youthful alternative with a different and distinctive look and unexpected levels of technology and performance that make it a new, fresh entry to the crossover SUV B segment.

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