Mercedes-Benz C-Class: New levels of comfort and luxury

C class
(Photos: Handouts from Mercedes-Benz)
The new C-Class offers a new world of digital technologies, high efficiency, and superior comfort, with all the usual characteristics from Mercedes-Benz that guarantees the C-Class a prominent place in its segment.اضافة اعلان

The C-Class is the first classic series from Mercedes-Benz to be offered as an all-electric model thanks to the 48-volt integrated hybrid technology and integrated starter system. With the C-Class being one of the German company's best-selling cars, this shift to electric power reduces the company's carbon footprint, while other technical improvements include optional equipment such as Digital Light and rear-axle steering.

The C-Class, with its dynamic proportions, seems to be on the move even when standing thanks to the car's carefully designed front end, long wheelbase, and prominent rear-end, in addition to the sporty design of the hood and powerful lines that encourage the desire to drive. The tilted windshield and passenger compartment give the C-Class classic proportions, known in the car industry as the "reclining cabin design."

(Photos: Handouts from Mercedes-Benz)

The previous model was a big step forward in terms of the car’s interior, and this is reinforced by the new C-Class thanks to modern cabin elements that adopt some features from the new S-Class and add an extra sporty touch to the car. Other sporty features include the wide axle and modern 43 to 48cm flat-spoke wheels.

(Photos: Handouts from Mercedes-Benz)

The most important feature on the front of the car is the radiator grille. All C-Class models include a central star, with the same design but small differences in details. The base model includes a center star and air vents, while the Avant-garde model includes additional design elements in the vents, and the grille and front apron have chrome trim. The AMG model features a diamond grille with a chrome star design.

The rear-end uses the same style as other Mercedes-Benz sedans with quality-designed taillights, but for the first time they feature a two-part design with different functions for different lights, whether on the fender or trunk. The attractive bumper includes optional or model-specific trim elements.

Interior gadgets

On the inside, the front dashboard is divided into two upper and lower parts, one in the form of a wing with flat circular slots representative of an aircraft engine, and a second that contains a large area of decorative elements extending from the center console to the dashboard. A driver-oriented design feature adds to the car's sporty character and tilts the front dashboard and center display towards the driver by six degrees.

The interior also features a free-standing, high-resolution LCD display that floats across the dash, separating the driver's display from the traditional cockpit with classic round gauges. Customers can choose between standard 26cm or 31cm screens.

Another change is also evident in the digital aspect of the center display, where the car's functions can be controlled using the touch screen.

(Photos: Handouts from Mercedes-Benz)

The touchscreen also appears to float above the extension of the trim, tilting the dashboard a bit towards the driver. The center screen comes standard 24cm, while a larger 30cm screen is optional.

The Avant-garde trim comes with sports seats. An instrument panel covered in faux leather with stripes in Napa leather is available for the C-Class AMG model. The range of available trim elements include innovative surfaces, with new open-pore finishes in brown and black veneers featuring stylish, original aluminum inserts echoing the lines of the dashboard.

The new C-Class has been equipped with the second generation MBUX infotainment system, and the use of intelligent and digital features have increased inside the car's cabin.

The driver and media display provide a comprehensive experience. All information is provided in a clear, systematic, and practical way, and Mercedes-Benz actually developed a new aesthetic for the S-Class’ display that is now used in other models.

A full-screen navigation mode was also adapted from the S-Class.

The new C-Class is equipped with high-performance LED headlights as standard, and the Digital Light system from the new S-Class is available as an option.

Advanced headlamp technology enables new functions, such as displaying guide lines or warning symbols on the road ahead. The Air-Balance package gives the driver their favorite in-car fragrances, while a comprehensive "Health and Fitness" program can be activated within the Energizing Comfort system with the touch of a button or with a voice command. 

The massage function — which comes as an option for the front seats — has also been improved to cover the entire back area. The vibrating massage function can also be used on the driver's side, with four motors in the seat cushion. The rear seat’s heating function is available for the first time on sedan models.

The comprehensive "Health and Fitness" system creates an optimal cabin atmosphere and the car’s Energizing Coach feature makes fitness recommendations based on vehicle and trip data and analyzes information on sleep quality and stress levels delivered to the driver via a compatible wearable device.  

The Air-Balance feature delivers the driver's favorite fragrances inside the car and ionizes both indoor and outdoor air.

Engine and suspension

The C-CLASS is available in three grades. The C180 has a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine, 170hp, and 250NM of torque. An additional 20hp is available from the 48-volt battery included with the hybrid version

The second grade is the C200 with the same engine capacity, but with 204hp and torque of up to 300NM, and of course an additional 20hp of power from the hybrid model.

The third and most powerful category in the C-Class family is the C300 with a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine that generates 258hp and 400NM of torque. In addition to the turbochargers, the petrol engines now incorporate the Intelligent Low Speed Assist integrated starter system. The starter uses a 48-volt electrical system to ensure safe functions such as slip, propulsion, or energy recovery, while delivering significant fuel economy.

(Photos: Handouts from Mercedes-Benz)

As a result, the engine starts very quickly and comfortably, so the driver does not notice the start/stop system when transitioning from idle to acceleration. At idle, the intelligent interaction between the integrated starter system and the internal combustion engine ensures exceptionally smooth motion.

The 9G-Tronic transmission has been improved to accommodate the integrated starter system, and all C-Class models are equipped with it.

The main components of the new, dynamic suspension system are a four-link axle in the front and a multi-link axle in the rear mounted on the subframe. The new suspension system provides the basis for a high level of suspension, ride comfort, noise, and agility. Sport suspension and adjustable damping are also available on the new C-Class as an option.

The most important characteristics of the new C-Class are agility and stability, with rear axle steering as optional and the direct ratio of the steering to the front axle. The steering angle on the rear axle is 2.5 degrees, reducing the swivel ring by 43cm to 10.64meters.

When driving at speeds higher than 60km/h, the rear wheels turn 2.5 degrees towards the same direction as the front wheels. The benefit of this theoretical increase in wheelbase is improved stability and safety when driving at high speeds and during rapid lane changes or sudden maneuvers.


The Pre-Safe Impulse Side System (available as part of the Driving Assistance Package Plus), together with the well-known Pre-Safe front and rear crash protection systems, creates a virtual area of shock absorbers that surrounds the vehicle on all sides.

Since there is only a limited bumper area, the Pre-Safe Impulse Side can move the driver or front passenger out of danger even before a collision if the system detects the possibility of an imminent collision.

Overall, the C-Class's safety concept is based on an intelligently designed chassis with an ultra-durable passenger space that work in concert with seat belts and airbag systems. In the event of an accident, seat belt tensioners and airbags activate to protect occupants, depending on the situation. By conducting numerous numerical simulations, the car's chassis has been built to ensure that occupants are especially well protected in the event of an accident.

So, in conclusion, the new C-Class from Mercedes-Benz is better than ever before.

The New C Class, is the first Mercedes-Benz series to be offered with electric-only models.

Distinctive design, Mercedes-Benz quality, luxurious interior, active performance, amazing fuel economy with hybrid.

The high cost of high-end trims.


C Segment Sedan

4 cylinder 1.5 liter gasoline engine, 48-volt hybrid system

9G-tronic transmission, rear wheel drive/4matic all wheel drive

ENGINE Power (C200)
Horse Power: 204hp/Torque: 300NM

 Km/h: 250
 0 to 100km/h : 7 

Fuel Consumption
Combined 6.2l/100km

 Length 4,751mm — Width 1,820mm — Height 1,438mm — Wheelbase 2,865mm — Curb weight 1,575kg

Starting not yet announced

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