The new Hyundai Tucson 2022 arrives in a more illuminated face

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(Photos: Handouts from Hyundai)
The all-new Tucson ushers in a new era for the SUV segment, as the best-selling and most popular vehicle continues its global success story that began in 2004. اضافة اعلان

The fourth generation of the car continues the steps of success after selling more than 7 million vehicles worldwide in an unprecedented transformation. It makes the Tucson the most dynamic, innovative, and competitive car in its class.

Now available in Hyundai showrooms, the all-new Tucson is larger and wider than its predecessors and combines performance, advanced technology, and sophisticated design.

The new Tucson has unique features that drivers and passengers can take advantage of. These include the design of the front seats, with ventilation based on the fabric material of the seat, which previously relied on leather seats only, thus becoming the first car manufacturer to offer the option of ventilated front seats, which provides more comfort.

The design of the new car is based on Hyundai’s “Sensual Sports” design identity, which highlights the futuristic and sporty outlook of the Korean company, and its features appear in all corners of the car. Customers can discover a new level of spaciousness, comfort, and versatility that exceeds all expectations. It can be said that the all-new Tucson offers a new and comfortable approach to driving, regardless of the distance of the journey.

(Photos: Handouts from Hyundai)

The Tucson is now longer and wider than before, with an overall length of 4,500mm, a width of 1,865mm, a height of 998mm (legroom in the rear) and 1,000mm (headroom). With these measurements the Tucson has the largest second-row cabin in its class. The hybrid version will feature a charging capacity of 1.49 kWh and a fuel tank of 54 liters.

Features on the vehicle’s exterior include the integration of recessed lights into a single unit, making this a signature and a striking design innovation. Stunning modern modifications combined with parametric patterns of the front bumper help create a dynamic appearance in the unique all-wheel drive model.

With dark chrome and silver options, the parametric grill, is complemented by a jewel-shaped design integrated into the parametric radiator grill, which is very attractive when operating at night.

(Photos: Handouts from Hyundai)

Bold side lines and massive rear wheel arches enhance the car’s sporty appearance, with the unique design of the eye-catching DLO molding in chrome that makes the new Tucson even more luxurious. Together with the connecting side view mirrors, they create a clear and vibrant image. The rear wheel arches have also been revamped, and they are the largest in its class with 17, 18, and 19-inch standard-style alloy wheels.

Distinctive lighting designs at the rear enhance the presence of the Tucson with a number of upgraded design features, and the Hyundai 3D logo enhances its luxurious image. The dynamic appearance is accentuated by the car’s modular bumper as well as finely detailed fenders, while also providing the car with a concealed wiper.

The interior quality is in line with Hyundai’s futuristic approach to spacious, user-friendly interior space. For example, the unique 10.25-inch open-style instrument panel conveys a high-tech image, and the silver line running along the bumper pad from the AVN/AC unit to the doors provides more space.

Drivers and passengers can also take advantage of the central 10.25-inch touchscreen interface integrated with an advanced air-conditioning unit. Furthermore, an electronic shift button has been integrated, providing excellent usability for drivers.

In addition to the steering wheel, which has been redesigned for better control, the ambient lighting system comes in a selection of 64 color options.
The all-new Tucson offers an unparalleled driving experience thanks to its powerful engines that deliver best-in-class performance and competitively high fuel efficiency. The vehicle comes with a selection of different petrol and diesel engines, and includes a hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) model that will be available in the third quarter of 2021. A range of powerful and efficient new generation gasoline and diesel engines was developed.

The new Smartstream engine 2.0 is 156ps/6,200rpm with maximum torque of 19.6 kilogram-meters/4,500rpm, while the 1.6T-GDi engine delivers 180ps/5,500rpm.

(Photos: Handouts from Hyundai)

It was equipped with Hyundai’s third-generation compact platform, which enhances space, preserves structural integrity, and leads to fuel efficiency and driving performance. This means the all-new Tucson’s steering and suspension systems are more responsive than ever, and even better in terms of the luxury that the chassis reflects.

The new Tucson also has strong SUV credentials with HTRAC — an all-wheel drive system that gives the driver the confidence to tackle the toughest driving conditions. With speed analysis by an advanced electronic control unit, this system automatically optimizes torque distribution between the four wheels and applies the brakes if needed, ensuring maximum traction and directional stability.

The design team for the new Tucson has enhanced occupant safety with an upgraded and expanded suite of Smartsense technologies.

A number of other features include the presence of lane keeping assist, intelligent cruise control, blind spot collision-avoidance assist, rear-traffic collision-avoidance assist, and surround-view monitoring
The all-new Tucson marks the debut of Hyundai’s innovative technologies to deliver an intelligent driving experience. The 10.25-inch color TFT-LCD instrument panel displays a wide range of information with drivers capable of choosing between different LCD graphics themes. Also available in 4.2 inches, the monochrome screen tracks stable key performance metrics.

Driver and passengers can take advantage of a wide range of advanced technologies with the Tucson that delivers an unparalleled connectivity experience.

Especially with the 10.25-inch touch screen navigation which includes an expanded set of functions that are all easily accessible through the simplified menus. In addition to creating and storing a driver profile, six types of soothing natural sounds and multiple Bluetooth connectivity for two devices are also available.

There is an 8-inch audio screen, which mirrors smartphone navigation applications, streaming services, and other features. Furthermore, the vehicle’s settings are adaptable to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto systems.
The Tucson features a fully automatic climate control system to create a pleasant indoor environment, but a manual conditioning system is also available, allowing for quick and easy adjustment. The technology developed for the adaptation includes a multi-air mode, where at the push of a button, air gently flows from different outlets to provide an excellent level of comfort and control not available in other vehicles.

The new design of the fourth-generation Tucson focuses on customer comfort and customers’ changing needs. The new dedicated electric tailgate can be height-adjusted in three settings and has a rear passenger alert feature if small children or pets are left behind.

Other key features that come with the Tucson include heated and ventilated front seats for the electric tailgate, one-touch intelligent cruise control, wireless smartphone charging, rain-sensing wipers, smart cruise control, a seven-speaker BOSE premium audio system, and a panoramic sunroof.

The Hyundai Tucson 2022 is marks the strong return of the Korean giant to a the feisty mid-size SUV segment.

The Tucson has been Hyundai's best-selling SUV for more than 20 years.
New Hyundai design, better performance, modern tech.

Hybrid not available yet, high cost of extra features.


C segment SUV

4-cylinder, 1.6 gasoline engine, GDI

7 speed DCT transmission. Front wheel drive/HTRAC

Horse power: 177hp/Torque: 250Nm

Km/h: 250
0 to 100km/h: 10.3

Fuel Consumption
Combined 6.5L/100km

Length 4,630mm
Width 1,865mm
Height 1,665mm
Wheelbase 2,755mm
Curb weight 1656kg

Starting from JD33,500

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