Changan CS85 Coupe: An ambitious addition to Jordan’s car market

(Photos: Handouts from Changan)

Changan is an up-and-coming Chinese brand, and it is at the heart of the market shockwave that hit Jordan, causing a shuffle between Asian brands on Jordan’s top selling cars list.اضافة اعلان

The newest model to hit the Changan showroom in Amman is the Coupe Utility Vehicle or CUV 2022 CS85.

(Photos: Handouts from Changan)

Initially, Changan revealed its CS85 Coupe during the 2018 Guangzhou Auto Show, and it was later launched in China in April 2019. It is a crossover coupe that falls between the CS95 and CS75.

(Photos: Handouts from Changan)

Changan CS85 is a mid-size CUV — a bold entry by Changan International facing the big German brands in a segment dominated by them.

The CS85 is a multi-use crossover, and it appears that, design-wise, it has drawn from the BMW X4.

(Photos: Handouts from Changan)

Changan CS85 features a modern, elegant, and distinctive exterior design with a tilted roof. The large front grille takes up most of the front with five wide strips of Changan's butterfly design. The headlights come with crystal LED headlights in the shape of a diamond star daytime DRL, and on the sides of the bumper are LED fog lights, taking the form of three compact molds. Sensors and a camera are available, and the front is inlaid with chrome, giving the car a modern look. The length of the car is 472cm, the width is 184.5cm, the height is 166.5cm, and the wheelbase is 270.5cm.

(Photos: Handouts from Changan)

There is a chrome strip around the side windows. The side mirrors fold electrically, and they have a turn indicator and a side blind-spot camera. Extended headlight lines end at the top of the rear door handles. But what distinguishes the CS85 is the sporty spirit that appears in the D-pillar. Additionally, its curved roof, aluminum wheels, and welcome lighting at night give it a special look.

The rear end has a sporty aerodynamic design. On top, the car sports a shark fin antenna, brake lights, and a small spoiler. The sapphire LED rear lights connect to each other with a chrome strip and a rear camera.

The tailgate opens with an electric remote control, and the luggage compartment is rather small, offering around 400 liters of space.

Changan CS85 is available with the first two-liter direct injection turbocharged engine that produces 233 horsepower, 360 Nm torque at 1750-3500 rpm, and a fuel tank capacity of 58 liters. The car accelerates from zero to 100 km/h in 7.5 seconds, and its engine is linked to an 8-speed automatic transmission made by Japanese company Essen, with fuel consumption at 13.9 km/liter on average.

The cabin design is luxurious and modern, skirted with LED lighting. The interior dons leather, metal, and high-quality stitching. The comfortable leather sports seats come with eight electrical adjustments for the driver’s seat, and four electrical settings for the front passenger seat. It has a heating feature, front seat ventilation, three-way memory, hygienic cabin with NVH technology, dual air conditioning, a cabin air purification system, a multifunctional electric steering wheel, and a 26cm LCD instrument and information display. The entire gearshift lever resembles a yacht’s lever stick.

There is a touch screen for the infotainment system, ventilation openings under the screen, metal touch buttons against a black background, a compass, a mobile screen display feature, two USB ports in the front and two in the back, Bluetooth, radio, and an 8-speaker audio system. Additionally, there is a cooler for drinks under the armrest, a panoramic sunroof, an integrated driving recording system, comfortable rear seats, two air vents, a center armrest with cup holders, and storage compartments behind the front seats.

Changan has been hard at work to improve the safety image of its products. The list is rather extensive, but some of this model’s most prominent safety systems include front airbags for the driver and front passenger, front side airbags, side curtain airbags, a tire pressure gauge system, an anti-lock brake system, electronic brake force distribution, a stability control system, and a cruise assist system. Others include hill start, hill descent assist, electric parking brake, front and rear sensors, 360° surround camera, self-parking, remote control parking, driving assist, blind spot detection, lane departure warning, automatic emergency braking, radar-operated adaptive cruise control, and the Bosch electronic braking system.

The CS85 is available in three driving modes — economy, sport, and snow, and the smart systems available in the car ensure quiet and controlled driving on the road. The car’s ground insulation, front and rear suspension, and brake experience are excellent, especially with the ABS system. The car seats’ hardness is owed to their sporty design. The quietness inside the cabin is noticeable, especially at high speeds.

Changan Jordan makes a good sales pitch, by adding a 10 year warranty and a buyback guarantee on all its cars.