The enduring relationship between the US and Jordan

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Jordan and America
In “Jordan and America”, long-time Middle East expert Bruce Riedel tells the remarkable story of the relationship between the Kingdom of Jordan and the US and how their leaders have navigated the politics of the most volatile region in the world.اضافة اعلان

Jordan has been an important US ally for more than 70 years, thanks largely to two members of the Hashemite family: His Majesty the late King Hussein, who came to power at the age of 17 in 1952 and governed for nearly a half century, and his son King Abdullah II, who inherited the throne in 1999. Both survived numerous assassination attempts, wars, and plots by their many enemies. Both ruled with a firm hand but without engaging in the dictatorial extremes so common to the Middle East.

US presidents from Eisenhower to Biden have worked closely with the two Hashemite kings to maintain peace and stability in the region — when possible. The relationship has often been rocky, punctuated by numerous crises, but in the end, it has endured and thrived.

Bruce Riedel narrates the history of the US-Jordanian relationship from the vantage point of his own role in its shaping and with his characteristic insight and eye for telling detail. For anyone interested in the region, understanding this story will provide new insights into the Arab-Israeli conflict, the multiple Persian Gulf wars, and the endless quest to bring long-term peace and stability to the region.

Bruce Riedel is a senior fellow and director of the Brookings Intelligence Project, part of the Brookings Center for 21st Century Security and Intelligence. In addition, Riedel serves as a senior fellow in the Center for Middle East Policy. He retired in 2006 after 30 years of service at the Central Intelligence Agency, including postings overseas. He was a senior advisor on South Asia and the Middle East to four presidents of the US in the staff of the National Security Council at the White House. He was also deputy assistant secretary of defense for the Near East and South Asia at the Pentagon and a senior advisor at the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in Brussels.

Riedel was a member of President Bill Clinton’s peace process team and negotiated at Camp David and other Arab-Israeli summits and he organized Clinton’s trip to India in 2000. In January 2009, President Barack Obama asked him to chair a review of American policy towards Afghanistan and Pakistan, the results of which the president announced in a speech on March 27, 2009.

In 2011, Riedel served as an expert advisor to the prosecution of Al-Qaeda terrorist Omar Farooq Abdulmutallab in Detroit. In December 2011, Prime Minister David Cameron asked him to brief the UK’s National Security Council in London on Pakistan.


“A thoughtful, vivid, and elegantly written account of relations between the US and Jordan over the last seven decades, from one of the finest Middle East specialists and public servants of his generation. Bruce Riedel makes history come alive, drawing on his own experiences to illuminate a crucial partnership, and the personalities who animate it.” — William J. Burns, director of the Central Intelligence Agency; former president, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

“Bruce Riedel had me riveted from page one in this fantastic telling of the modern history of Jordan and of the post-World War II Middle East through the prism of the Hashemites. ... All of this Riedel describes with his amazing firsthand experiences and personal relationships, and with his characteristic brilliance. I have devoured every one of his outstanding books and this is the best of all. If it does not wind up a Netflix series, someone in Hollywood is asleep at the wheel.” — Michael O’Hanlon, senior fellow, the Brookings Institution.

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