West's refusal to call for a ceasefir

Constitutes a green light for ethnic cleansing

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After a series of positions by the United States and Western countries, which dropped the Russian and Chinese draft resolutions submitted to the UN Security Council on stopping the war. The Western countries, led by the United States, the main partner in Israel’s policies, have provided cover for the illegal and immoral Israeli crimes that aim to implement the ultimate goal of mass forced deportation and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people, robbing them of their national identity, and denying their right to self-determination and national independence.اضافة اعلان

In the midst of the emotionally charged comments about the October 7 military resistance operation by Palestinian fighters against Israel occupation soldiers. The media and political leaders in the West seem to have forgotten that from the standpoint of international law, Gaza remains occupied territory subject to the Fourth Geneva Convention and international law, which the West claims to adhere to.

Although Israel unilaterally announced “disengagement” from Gaza in 2005, withdrawing its forces, dismantling 21 colonial settlements and evacuating 8,000 settlers in exchange for granting each settler family hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation, this did not end Israel’s siege of the Gaza Strip that kept it as an open prison or a vast ghetto.

The UN Human Rights Council reached this conclusion on the basis that Israeli disengagement did not end the existential realities of Israeli control over Gaza, nor did it allow the Gaza Strip to enjoy the benefits of independent political development.

Rather, what followed at that time included the redeployment of the occupation forces, including the army and police, on the Gaza borders, including full control over the entry and exit of Palestinians and goods at the border crossings, as well as the continued exclusive control over the air and sea space in Gaza.

The post 2005 occupation structure has been strengthened by repeated Israeli incursions, including targeted assassinations of resistance political and military officials and major military operations in the years 2008-2009, 2012, 2014, and 2021 in which Israel committed many war crimes and killed thousands of Gaza  residents.

Additionally, since 2007, the cruel and punitive blockade has left Gaza's impoverished population facing the world's highest unemployment rate and collectively experiencing life-threatening economic decline.

Israel's criminal record towards Gaza was significantly documented in the Goldstone Report issued by the United Nations in 2009, whose policy recommendations were left unimplemented due to political pressure exerted in favor of Israel by the United States, even through  threatening policies against countries.

A lack of action prolonged the suffering
This typical experience of condemning Israeli policies and practices by many international organizations, without taking any preventive or punitive action and sanctions in response, has been repeated time and again, which explains the Palestinian disillusionment with the United Nations and the implementation of international law.

The resistance attack by Palestinian fighters was a natural reaction to the hell that Palestinians are experiencing and an exercise of the right of a people subject to occupation to resist, as national liberation movements around the world and peoples did throughout history.

Although Israel unilaterally announced “disengagement” from Gaza in 2005, withdrawing its forces, dismantling 21 colonial settlements and evacuating 8,000 settlers in exchange for granting each settler family hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation, this did not end Israel’s siege of the Gaza Strip that kept it as an open prison or a vast ghetto.

As for the reaction of the Israeli occupation state, it is devoid of the restrictions of law and morality. In the simplest terms, crimes committed by Israel do not grant legal immunity for retaliatory Israeli war crimes.

The appropriate international framing of the relationship between the Israeli occupying state and the Palestinian people - despite being crucial in interpreting the legal, moral and political issues at hand - was clearly absent from most media treatments and political positions of influential Western political leaders.

Israel’s genocide is inexcusable
Israel has used increasingly inflammatory and expansive language to justify its retaliatory responses. This lawless Israeli extremism has received the support of the governments of the United States, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Greece and other European Union countries, which act in contradiction to the founding principles of the EU .

These statements ignore the need for the occupying power to commit to administering the territories under its control in ways that give priority to the protection and well-being of the civilian population under occupation.

From this perspective, it is conceptually misleading and normatively unacceptable for Israel to declare war on occupied territory, as if the local administrative authority were a hostile foreign government – but that is exactly what Israel did.

The Israeli colonial occupation state is not actually defending itself, but rather defending the sustainability of its settlement expansion and occupation of Palestinian lands.

It is time to move beyond the hypocrisy of the global order
The UN security council ignored UN Commissioner recommendation and others as it kept Israel above international accountability, but the UN General Assembly was sufficiently disturbed by Israel's pattern of behavior in occupied Palestine.

Israel, the apartheid regime and rogue state of colonial occupation should be boycotted and political diplomatic ties should be stopped by the Arab , Islamic countries and the non allied states to the USA , as well oil and gas embargo should be practiced against the collective colonial west as was done in 1973 . 

BRICS countries should seriously take action as well against Israel if they wish to prove they are in favor of a more democratic, "multipolar" world.

However, this cannot be an exclusively economic project, it is a geopolitical one. In fact, if the collective West led by US and Israel is permitted to use such methods without cost, what credibility remains of BRICS and for the multipolar project?

Gaza is the continuation of Ukraine and the prologue to Taiwan. Better stop them now by using all political and economic means than try later with the risk of a global disaster.

If the West continues to uphold the double standards demonstrated during the humanitarian catastrophe unfolding in Gaza, it will serve as a reminder that the post-colonial world retains the spirit of orientalist racism when it comes to addressing issues of peace and justice in the Middle East and Global South.

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