We Farm: Made with care

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(Photos: Huda Dabeet/Jordan News)
AMMAN — A healthy juice bar located in the heart of Amman was born out of a family’s passion for farming. Beyond selling healthy products, they hope to encourage others to live a healthy lifestyle.اضافة اعلان

We Farm was founded in 2015 by the agricultural engineers Moath Shahin and Sha’aban Shahin. They are farm owners, who inherited the love of their profession early on from their father, who is also an agricultural engineer.

Moath and Sha’aban worked on developing their business from traditional agriculture to a shop that requires a direct relationship with customers. The concept expanded to combine farming with nutrition, which was part of their education. They now operate a shop in Luweibdeh near Paris Circle, where they serve both organic groceries and freshly made juices, soups, and ice creams. They also sell salads, nut butters, almond milk, vegan labneh, and other vegan products, which are often hard to come by in Amman.

“We provide healthy juices from the seeds that we planted, which became fruits that we use to make healthy products. When you are drinking it, you realize how healthy it is,” said Moath in an interview with Jordan News.

Many challenges face local businesses. We Farm’s main challenge was to nudge people toward healthy choices and convince them that choosing healthy foods is surprisingly easy.

“It is difficult to convince people to try something new,” explained Moath. However, the business hopes to make the switch to a healthier lifestyle easier and simple, including through educating people about the overall benefits possible for the body and mind. Their creations inspired many people to start living healthy lifestyles.

In March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic struck Jordan, and We Farm was not spared. The agriculture field also suffered like other industries. For We Farm, the biggest losses were incurred as a result of keeping produce and products in the shop for a long period of time.

Customers’ shopping behaviors changed during the pandemic, with many turning to online shopping for their day-to-day needs. We Farm’s experience during lockdowns in Amman not all bad. We Farm benefited under the lockdown, Moath explained, adding that “many people have chosen We Farm to get healthy products and all their needs.”

The secret to their success, according to the owners, lies in building connections and giving the customers more than they expect. We Farm manage to form a strong relationship with their customers to keep them coming back, they explained.

“We Farm and its customers are one big family,” said Moath. The company uses word of mouth more than formal advertising and marketing, finding that it the best way to bring new customers because people trust referrals and reviews. The company also maintains a strong presence on social media.

The owners explained that We Farm has contributed to supporting many local businesses by selling their products inside the shop. This encourages people to shop local and supports youth and local entrepreneurs, they said. By preparing fresh, organic products, they hope to make even a small difference in encouraging Jordanians to eat more healthy and sustainably.

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