Enterprises to boost social entrepreneurship ecosystem in Jordan

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(Photos: Handout from Oxfam)
AMMAN  — IBTECAR Consulting, in cooperation with Oxfam in Jordan, launched the first in a series of networking sessions to strengthen the social entrepreneurship ecosystem in the Kingdom, Oxfam said in a statement.اضافة اعلان

At least 30 Social Enterprises (SEs) took part in the event, which “aimed to promote networking, collaboration, knowledge sharing, and peer support among different stakeholders including SEs, support organizations, financial institutions, governmental institutions, media, and advisory services providers,” the statement said.

It said the first session, held at The Tank by Umniah, “focused on coaching and mentoring services and was chaired by several speakers and experts in this field”.

Three additional session are planned in the next two months.

Rama Mustafa, founder of Lingo Hub, who took part in the session said “Mentorships and consultations is what opens an entrepreneurs’ eyes, and that goal was reached with Ibtecar’s workshop that was held today.”

“Personally, I gained a lot of insight on how to improve and expand my startup, in addition to getting the chance to network with other entrepreneurs,” she added.

Jamil Al-Khatib, IBTECAR’s general manager, underlined the importance of the efforts to “bring together SEs and stakeholders and guide them towards ways to collaborate for mutual benefit.”

“Giving Social Enterprises the opportunity to participate in these sessions and connecting them with companies, civil society organizations, international, and local organizations is pivotal for advancing optimal, modern and innovative projects, which utilize available resources and set realistic goals,” he said.

MedUp! Project, implemented by Oxfam and funded by the European Commission, “aims to create an enabling environment for the development of SEs to establish and grow in six different countries across the MENA region, through grants and technical support,” the statement said.

It said the initiative also connects SEs with key players in the ecosystem, which enables entrepreneurs to apply their vision and have a bigger impact on their communities.

Business Development Analyst at Oxfam in Jordan, Mohannad Ibrahim, said connecting SEs with stakeholders “helps them to find solutions and opportunities to overcome challenges hindering their growth, to exchange knowledge with experts and peers and to learn about government services available.”

“0his paves the way for a more enabling environment for social enterprises in Jordan,” he added.

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