Misk Shop : Offering nurturing skincare products

Misk Shop elevates personal care, “with all-natural products manufactured with compassion in the community by skincare professionals,” according to founder and co-owner Aseel Al-kharouf. (Photos: Handouts from Misk Shop.)
The skin is an important protector of humans’ bodies; as such, it is important to keep it well nourished. A beautiful and bright skin, the result of proper skincare, enhances one’s self-esteem. اضافة اعلان

Skin cells die and are generated every day, so it is never too late to start taking care of the skin. Part of this care involves skincare and beauty products.

In the case of handmade products, each has its narrative; each handmade shop, and the individual who created the products, invests a great deal of time and effort in creating something unique and beautiful. 

Misk Shop is a local skincare brand that provides natural, environmentally friendly skincare products.

It was founded in 2018 by Aseel Al-kharouf and Ebaa Khzai; the goal is to provide personal care products that are free of harsh chemicals and have beautiful scents that lift self-confidence.

Al-kharouf, founder and co-owner of Misk Shop, a mom of three with sales and marketing experience, holds a marketing degree, and is an enthusiastic learner.

“I have always loved to challenge myself and bring out the best in me,” she told Jordan News.

“I was looking for the best deodorant after I had my first daughter, as no deodorant was working for me,” Al-kharouf said.

She wanted a better and more natural alternatives and eventually found the perfect formula and mixture.

Misk Shop elevates personal care, “with all-natural products manufactured with compassion in the community by skincare professionals. The products are handmade in a suitable environment”, she said.

“We get inspired mostly by personal care products needed daily, especially by women and teenagers,” she mentioned.

Al-kharouf said that the shop sells only through the online website, and social media definitely helped boost the reach and spread the word about the business, which she expects to expand physically in the near future.

Advertising is done “mainly on social media channels” she said, adding that finding the right materials has been one top challenge ever since the shop opened, as the shop uses “premium organic coconut oil, top-quality perfume oils, and the best quality ingredients in the market”.

Not all Misk Shop products are organic, “but some of the ingredients used and the main ingredient, coconut oil, are organic”, she said, adding that natural products “are not always the best option for skin, it is the formula that matters. People need ingredients that do not harm the skin, but nourish or treat”.

“You might find Misk Shop at bazaars or farmers' markets, but there is no consistent physical attendance in the market,” Al-kharouf said, adding that the shop products are safe for children and adults of all ages.

Misk Shop constantly gauges the market needs “to keep up with the demand, as well as to improve the current product, which guarantees customer loyalty”.

“We currently operate in Jordan only, but are looking forward to expanding in the near future to international markets. Misk Shop stands out because of its reliability, credibility, and excellent customer service,” she said.

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, the sales got affected a little because usually expats form a good percentage of our buyers,” Al-kharouf said, adding that the business got new customers as Jordanians started relying more on online shopping.

 “We always work on improving the current products, with comprehensive research and trials for new innovative products. The markets now are accessible, and customers are wiser than ever before,” Al-kharouf said.

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