JELD : A Jordanian brand for handmade leather goods

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JELD is a Jordanian brand established in 2017 by Architect Ahmad Al Mughrabi and his wife Architect Abeer Nassar partnered later with Raed Hawatmeh. اضافة اعلان

The founders took their brand, which focuses on the creation of natural leather products, from a tiny table at home to a major workshop and store in Amman, to the world. JELD brand specializes in leather with the potential to provide a wide variety of leather goods that are designed and handcrafted in Jordan.

“The idea of JELD is to create a brand based in Jordan and spread to the world, and this has been achieved when we received orders from different parts of the world,” Ahmad Al Mughrabi said.

‘Jeld’ literally means in English ‘Leather’, and leather is treated skin that is used for making shoes, clothes, bags, and accessories.

Al Mughrabi said that the leather industry in Jordan has existed either since the manufacture of shoes or in the weapons accessories sector, and others.

He added that due to the availability of other alternatives, traders began importing products from outside Jordan, causing the leather sector in Jordan to fade.

JELD provides stylish minimalist lifestyle accessories that are made from high-quality vegetable-tanned leather. The brand is known for its handmade wallets, one of them might require 24 hours to produce.

Al Mughrabi added that he get inspiration when designing and creating handmade leather products from a design background in architecture.

“My background and experience in architecture give me the skill to create handmade products, in addition to my passion for leather I took online courses which enabled me to create the first prototype,” he said.

JELD offers handmade leather goods such as wallets and bags. The brand has recently launched JELD Home, which is a line that is specialized in designing and producing furniture.

Al Mughrabi added that the Classic Wallet, for example, requires 24 hours to fully realize. Using vegetable tanned leather in the manufacturing of the goods results in a distinct appearance and unmatched durability.

“Coming all the way from Al Khalil in Palestine a gentle process involving several weeks of treatment, the vegetable-tanned leather has a much longer life with more of a beautiful vintage look,” Al Mughrabi said.

Additionally, Al Mughrabi explained the production process to Jordan News, saying that the process starts with sketching and designing the products, then they took the design further to the phase of working with leather, cutting, sewing, and finishing it in order to have the final product.

One of the top challenges that JELD has faced is not finding craftsmen to amplify the production line, in addition to not finding the basic materials even around and outsourcing, “Everything this takes time and cost a lot, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.” Al Mughrabi said, adding that the limitations of the brand were in raw materials and accessories which are not available in Jordan.

“We outsource all of our materials from different countries around,” he said.

He described the leather crafting in Jordan that the craft is scarce in Jordan, “We in JELD are working to keep it alive.”

The founders keep up with the demands of the Jordanian market by providing our clients with new designs and ideas and staying up to date with all the modern styles.

In order to showcase the brand’s products and business ideas, JELD’s future goal is to become a unicorn startup, according to Al Mughrabi.

“My advice for young artists is to always try and put their ideas in action to always start and not to be afraid of failure,” he mentioned.

Moreover, the founders started their business through social media and platforms. “Instagram and Facebook were our main sales channels before launching our website or opening our store,” Al Mughrabi recalled.

JELD has a physical store which is located in Jabal Amman, at the end of Rainbow Street, where visitors can pass by and discover the variety of leather goods that JELD creates.

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