Import guidelines needed to avoid illegalities

1. Clothing Sector Razan
(Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Head of Textile and Readymade Clothes Syndicate Sultan Allan said that the elimination of customs guidelines for imports of new items of clothing will have an additional negative impact on the Jordanian market, according to Al-Ghad.اضافة اعلان

In a statement to Hala News Tuesday, Allan said that the cancellation of guidelines leaves open the possibility of customs speculation on goods, which may differ from one customs point to another, and from one customs official to another.

A representative of the clothing, footwear, fabrics and jewelry sector at the Jordan Chamber of Commerce, Asaad Al-Qawasmi, called for keeping the indexes guiding the imports of new clothes, which were suspended by the Customs Department, a decision that cancels the Council of Ministers decision to review customs tariffs on many of the Kingdom's imports, including clothing.

A few days ago, the Customs Department issued a circular announcing that it
suspends all lists controlling imports of new clothes from Turkey and China, as well as imports of carpets, pointing out that the lists were used in the valuation process to prepare and issue invoices, adding that there used to be distortions in the lists, as they would not include certain items, leading to problems with the estimation of the items.

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