Arab-Americans numbered at 2.2m according to latest US census data

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AMMAN — The US Census data for 2020 has revealed that the number of Arab-Americans has reached 2.2 million. اضافة اعلان

The total population of the US is 332 million.

The data showed that Arab-Americans are concentrated in five regions of the US, including Detroit/Dearborn, Los Angeles, New York/New Jersey, Chicago, and Washington DC, with varying prevalence in other parts of the country.

Majority of Arab-Americans from Lebanon, Egypt, and SyriaAccording to the census data, the majority of Arab-Americans are from Lebanon, with over 585,000 individuals, followed by Egypt with approximately 325,000 individuals, and Syria with 200,000 individuals.

The data also reveals the presence of over 174,000 Americans of Iraqi origin, more than 166,000 Palestinians, 144,000 from Morocco, and 103,000 from Jordan.

Around 600,000 people identified themselves as being from Arab countries without specifying them.

The US population census, which began its classification in 2017, also showed that more than 67,000 are Sudanese and 175,000 from Somalia.

Discrepancy in reported figuresThe Arab American Institute (AAI), however, puts the figure of Arab-Americans far higher than those provided by the official numbers.

The AAI reports that there are 3.7 million Arab-Americans, highlighting a significant discrepancy between the official census data and the AAI’s reported figures.

On the occasion of Arab Heritage Month in the US, which is celebrated in April of each year, US President Joe Biden said in a statement that his administration is “exploring adding a new classification category to the population census of Middle Eastern and North African societies”.

This, he said, is to “ensure Arab-Americans are cared for … and that they are appropriately taken into account when developing a new policy." 

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