Worldwide campaign pushes for comprehensive strike for Gaza on Monday

(Photo: Twitter/X)
AMMAN – A worldwide campaign circulated by activists around social media is calling on people all over the world to strike on Monday, 11 December to pressure an end to the war on Gaza. اضافة اعلان

“It is necessary to paralyze the movement of life and the economic wheel in all countries so that everyone feels that he is directly affected by the impact of the aggression on Gaza,” said a campaign post by journalist and academic Esraa Alshikh.

The strike is expected to include the transportation, aviation, trade, banks, ports, and even schools and universities from around the world.

A post from activist groups Kuffiya team, Online Palestine and Team Palestine called for people to not leave their house, cease making transactions and using their bank accounts, deactivate their meta accounts and tweet using the #StrikeForGaza hashtag.

“Start making your communications today, mobilizing and publishing, work on gathering the majority of supporters and forget about those who are negligent and discouraged,” said Alshikh.

“Any personal loss we suffer is worth nothing compared to the massacres taking place against people in Gaza.”

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