Why did the US stance change regarding the war on Gaza?

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WASHINGTON – Analysts confirm that the change in the American stance towards the Zionist aggression on the Gaza Strip is linked to disagreements between the US administration and the leaders of the Zionist entity, especially after the failure of the occupying army to achieve any of its stated objectives since the start of this aggression on October 7.اضافة اعلان

According to Jo 24, Political analysts believe that the American position on the genocidal actions committed by the occupation forces in Gaza is influenced by several factors. The most prominent of these is the impact of this position on the situation of US President Joe Biden in the upcoming presidential elections, as well as the interests and image of the United States globally. Additionally, there have been breaches in the US administration that oppose the practices of the Zionist entity and reject Washington's stance on them.

Dr. Abdulhakim Al-Hasban, a political writer and anthropology professor, stated that a major power like the United States does not view global interests through a single lens. President Joe Biden announced a new stance on the war in Gaza, and the timing of this decision was crucial and intelligent to have a political impact on Israel.

Hasban explained that this scenario was expected, as America wanted Netanyahu to engage in war to deplete his ammunition and satisfy the Israeli public after the operation on October 7, which had a significant impact. Reports from the Israeli National Security Advisor indicated that deterring Hamas and eliminating its threat would take about two decades.

He pointed out that the strategic thinking of the occupation differs from that of the United States. Netanyahu's thinking does not extend beyond Gaza and the northern part of the entity and countries in the "Axis of Resistance." On the other hand, American strategic thinking is global, involving different calculations with the involvement of state institutions such as the Pentagon, the State Department, and the CIA. Netanyahu acts as if he were the king of Israel due to his 16-year tenure, and the Israeli people see him that way due to historical background.

According to Hasban, the mindset of the Biden administration is different from that of Trump's era. However, Biden's era witnessed the election of the most extreme government in the Zionist entity. There are different calculations within the US administration, with a focus on elections that will impact Biden's future. Continuing the war is not in Biden's interest, and there have been visible differences between the US administration and Israeli leaders since the beginning of the war.

Dr. Mondher Al-Hawarat, a writer and political analyst, stated that there are disagreements between the US administration and the Zionist entity on some secondary issues, including the behavior of settlers, the timing of ending the ground operation, modifying the government, and removing extremists. This practically means the end of Netanyahu according to him.

Hawarat added that the United States still supports the occupation, providing it with money and weapons. The announcements are made for electoral purposes for Biden, who became embarrassed due to the genocidal actions, displacement, and destruction carried out by the occupation forces. His administration has faced several setbacks.

He emphasized that the resilience of the resistance and the inability of the occupation army to end the battles played a significant role in changing the language of discourse in America. Additionally, there are disagreements with Netanyahu over who will manage Gaza after the war.

Dr. Khaled Shnoukhat, the President of the Jordanian Association for Political Science, stated that the American stance on the genocidal war on Gaza began to change when the United States felt that this war had not achieved any results 68 days after it started, especially since the occupation forces failed to enter Shuja'iyya and would need several weeks to achieve that, which other countries worldwide would not tolerate.

Shnoukhat added that the significant losses suffered by the occupation army and, especially, the Golan Brigade, which is considered an elite force with the killing of some of its leaders, made the United States realize the prolonged duration of the war. This prompted them to search for alternatives to stop it.

He noted that the large losses incurred by the occupation army and the resistance's steadfastness played a major role in changing global public opinion and within Israeli society. The occupation army and Israeli society cannot endure the continued large losses in lives.

Shnoukhat emphasized that statements by Benny Gantz, one of the three leaders in the War Cabinet, saying, "The war is big, and the losses are greater," are evidence of not being able to endure those losses and the beginning of discontent. He believes refusal by Hamas to negotiate without a ceasefire will be a condition for reaching a new ceasefire agreement.

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