Truce talks halted as soon as Israeli bombings resumed — Hayya

Khalil Al-Hayya
Khalil Al-Hayya. (Photo: Twitter/X)
GAZA — In a recent statement, Khalil Al-Hayya, a prominent member of the Hamas Political Bureau, revealed the breakdown of ceasefire talks amid escalating tensions. Hayya asserted that communication with mediators persisted until the morning, but discussions collapsed when Israeli bombings resumed.اضافة اعلان

He condemned the Israeli occupation as a "terrorist entity" and accused it of preparing to recommence a campaign of killing, destruction, and crimes against women and children. Despite numerous offers for truces and prisoner exchanges, he claimed the Israeli occupation remained resolute in its determination to resume hostilities, Jo24 reported.

The Hamas official disclosed that the file of mothers and children had been concluded, with 85 detainees from this category handed over. However, he alleged that Israel sought to manipulate the situation by adding female soldiers captured from tanks and army camps to this category.

Attempts to release elderly detainees were met with rejection from the occupation, according to him. Additionally, offers to receive the bodies of those killed during Israeli bombings were spurned.

He highlighted that only three women and children remained, and the occupation refused to extend the truce to facilitate their transfer.

The Hamas leader emphasized that the occupation's rejection of proposed terms indicated its intention to resume hostilities in Gaza. He pledged that the Palestinian people and resistance forces would respond to aggression with unwavering determination.

Regarding negotiations, he expressed a willingness to engage in talks for the release of civilian detainees, provided a complete ceasefire was established.

He criticized the alleged role of the US Secretary of State in allowing the continuation of Israeli actions, including providing aid and political protection tools.

Hayya insisted that the issue of prisoners during wartime could not be conclusively resolved, advocating for a complete ceasefire before negotiating a prisoner exchange.

He outlined different terms for the release of various prisoner categories, including those re-arrested after the Gilad Shalit prisoner exchange.

Expressing readiness for a new temporary truce under specific conditions to release elderly detainees, Hayya underscored that discussions about a captured soldier exchange must align with a complete ceasefire.

He accused Israel of aiming to displace the Palestinian people, with the purported goal of pushing a segment of the population towards Egypt.

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