US conducting dialogue to ‘ease tensions’ between Israelis, Palestinians

Elizabeth Stickney
The Spokesperson for US State Department, Elizabeth Stickney. (File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Arabic Language spokesperson for the US State Department, Elizabeth Stickney, said on Wednesday that the US is conducting intensive dialogue with both the Israeli and Palestinian sides to “ease tensions”, according to Al-Ghad TV.اضافة اعلان

Stickney also called on Israelis and Palestinians to “refrain for escalating the tension”.

DiplomacyRegarding the Russian-Ukrainian war, Stickey revealed that their country supports diplomacy to end this war quickly.

She also confirmed that Washington is looking for a diplomatic solution to the Iranian nuclear file in the Middle East.

Thousands of Palestinians marched on Wednesday to mourn the martyrs of another deadly Israeli raid against Palestinian civilians in the Jenin camp in the West Bank.

Israeli occupation forces the camp on Tuesday, as well as Nablus city, under the pretext of searching for the perpetrators of the Hawara operation.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health announced on Tuesday six Palestinians were killed and 26 other were injured.

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