The United States secretly increases its military aid to Israel

US Weapons
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WASHINGTON – The Pentagon has increased its military aid to Israel secretly, in response to a list of requests submitted by Tel Aviv, confirming its need for more ammunition and weapons, including laser-guided missiles for Apache helicopters, as well as 155mm artillery shells, night vision devices, armor-piercing ammunition, and new military vehicles, according to an internal document from the US Department of Defense.اضافة اعلان

According to Al-Ghad citing sources from Bloomberg the weapons that Israel is seeking are listed in a document titled "Request from the Supreme Commander of Israel," dated late October.

According to the document, many of these weapons are already being shipped to Israel at present, as the US Department of Defense works to provide them from US and European stocks.

Until late October, the United States delivered 36,000 30 mm artillery shells and 1,800 M141 bunker-busting ammunition to Israel, as well as at least 3,500 night vision devices, according to the document.

A spokesperson for the Pentagon declined to discuss the details mentioned in this document but stated in a statement that it "employs various means - from internal stocks to US industry channels - to ensure that Israel obtains the necessary means to defend itself."

Providing artillery shells and other ammunition has drawn criticism from non-governmental organizations, which argue that US military supplies have allowed Israel to proceed with its shelling of Gaza, resulting in the deaths of more than 11,000 people.

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