The Jordanian Field Hospital in Nablus has received 1320 cases

Jordanian Field Hospital Nablus
The Jordanian field hospital in Nablus. (Photo: Twitter/X)
OCCUPIED WEST BANK – Colonel Raed Al-Jubour, the commander of the Jordanian Field Hospital in Nablus, confirmed that the number of cases received and services provided over the past four days amounted to 1320 cases.اضافة اعلان

According to Khaberni, he mentioned that the trial operation of the hospital (receiving cases and assessing its capabilities in providing services) began last Thursday, with 33 cases received.

He added that the nature of the cases received until yesterday included colds, daily surgeries, clinic visits for scheduling appointments, and medical examinations.

Jubour revealed that the General Command of the Armed Forces is currently preparing new medical supplies for the hospital to serve the Palestinian people, including medical and field equipment. He mentioned that the command was notified 48 hours ago about the required needs, which were identified based on people's needs to cope with the medical situation. 

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