Significant damages to Al-Aqsa due to Israeli aggressions — committee

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AMMAN — The Director of the Al-Aqsa Reconstruction Committee Bassam Al-Halaq said significant damages were made to the Qibli prayer hall and a clinic at Al-Aqsa Mosque during the recent aggressions by Israeli forces, which he called “the worst witnessed to-date”. اضافة اعلان

While assaulting worshippers and mu'takifin, the occupation forces destroyed three windows in the Qibla prayer hall — one on the upper western side and two inside the main interface, Halaq said. The upper western window is one of six that the Reconstruction Committee renewed three years ago.

"Every window destroyed by the occupation forces requires much time and effort to repair,” said Halaq, noting that the process can take up to six months, as they are expensive stained-glass windows and require manual drilling.

Doors, carpets, cabinetsThe occupation forces also destroyed two main doors and electrical equipment.

The stun grenades and metal bullets fired by the Israeli soldiers burned the carpets in the Al-Qibli prayer hall and smashed the electrical cabinets and the guards' room, the director said.

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Occupation forces destroyed the doors leading to the Old Al-Aqsa, and the one leading to the Al-Khatni Library, as well as shoe cabinets and Quran tables.

Clinic destroyedThe Al-Aqsa clinic was closed down after its contents were completely destroyed by Israeli soldiers, he added, noting that this is the first time such a closure has taken place since its establishment in 1990.

All medical equipment, including beds and supplies, were destroyed. These included the door of the clinic and the wall that separates it from the mosque.

The Al Aqsa clinic was closed down after its contents were completely destroyed by Israeli soldiers he added, pointing out this is the first time such closure was made after it was established since 1990.

The clinic, one of two in the vicinity, provides essential medical services to religious visitors to Al-Aqsa.

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